Tomb Raider: revealed the animated series, a new game is in development

The new chapter of tomb raider, but the developers informed that it will still take some time before they can play it. Arrived at his 25th anniversary, the title starring Lara Croft will show off new content with events that will start next month and will last throughout 2021. Meanwhile, the development team Crystal Dynamics is working on the new Tomb Raider game, which will act as the meeting point of the first with the more recent one, developed by Core Design.

The tweet posted on the game's official account says the following: "We will be celebrating 25 years of Tomb Raider throughout 2021, with community features, nostalgic content and surprises along the way!" In the video we see Crystal Dynamics developers and community managers talking about their experience with the franchise and presenting some of the future contents that will be offered to us to celebrate the anniversary. We talk about livestreams, interviews and extras that have not been explored. Will Kerslake, director of the Tomb Raider franchise, talks about what the next chapter of the saga will be like and what the developers' plans are regarding its timeline, stating the following:

Let's imagine the future of Tomb Raider taking place after the reboot trilogy, telling stories that build on both the breadth of Core Design and the games of Crystal Dynamics, trying to unify these timelines. With Tomb Raider's long history, this is no easy task and we ask for your patience during the process.

We're celebrating 25 Years of Tomb Raider throughout 2021, with community features, nostalgic content, and surprises along the way!

- Tomb Raider (@tombraider) January 27, 2021

We therefore know that for this year we will not have any release announcements for Tomb Raider, but that there are several titles in the works. In fact, the announcement made by Netflix on collaboration with Legendary for the creation of an animated series dedicated to the adventures of Lara Croft, continuing the story of the most recent reboot trilogy. Currently there is no release date yet, but it seems that there are several interesting projects dedicated to this title on the horizon.

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