Tomb Raider - Collectible Guide: Documents, Relics and GPS Treasures [360-PS3-PC]

Tomb Raider - Collectible Guide: Documents, Relics and GPS Treasures [360-PS3-PC]


Lots of stuff to collect in the new tomb raider, here is the guide to find everything.

The Tomb Raider reboot has finally arrived in stores and we start immediately with a guide for collect all collectible GPS documents, relics and treasures of the game. Collecting everything you will unlock 7 Achievements / Trophy:

Intellectual - Find 25% of all documents.
Scholar - Find 75% of all documents.
Relic hunter - Find 25% of all Relics.
Archaeologist - Find 75% of all Relics.
Looking for trouble - Find 25% of the GPS treasures in game.
A bag full of treasures - Find 75% of the GPS treasures in game.
Onniscient - Find all GPS relics, documents and treasures.

and since the stakes are high enough, let's not get lost in chat and let's get started right away.

These collectibles are 171 in total, precisely we have 75 GPS treasures, 54 Documents and 42 Relics. In some areas of the game you will also find the treasure maps which, once collected, show the exact position of these collectibles on your game map. There are 14 treasure maps in total, 7 can be found together with the other collectibles covered in this guide, while the remaining 7 are unlocked by completing the optional tombs (follow the guide to solve the optional tombs).

In the videos that you find linked at the bottom of this guide you can see, area by area, where you can find the treasure maps and also all the individual Documents, Relics and GPS Treasures. In the description of each video you will find the list of collectibles present in that particular area with the exact minute of playback where it is possible to see it in the video.

Don't forget to consult the Tomb Raider (2013) cheats sheet to discover all the other guides we are preparing for this game. Good luck!!!

Remember that each item is automatically saved as soon as it is collected. After beating the game you can use the fast travel function to move from one field to another and quickly collect the collectibles that you are missing.

In the skill tree there are two skills that can come in handy for collecting collectibles, Orientation and Cartography. Thanks to these you can set a marker on the map near an uncollected collectible and have a visual signal in game on that position.

All collectibles in "Coastal Forest"

All collectibles in "Mountain Temple"

All collectibles in "Mountain Village"

All collectibles in "Base Approach"

All collectibles in "Mountain Base"

All collectibles in "Base Exterior"

All collectibles in "Shanty Town"

All collectibles in "Geothermal Caverns"

All collectibles in "Summint Forest"

All collectibles in "Shipwreck Beach"

All collectibles in "Cliffside Bunker"

All collectibles in "Research Base"

All collectibles in "Chasm Shrine"

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