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    Tomb Raider (2013) - Help / Challenge Solution [360-PS3-PC]

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    Tomb Raider (2013) - Help / Challenge Solution [360-PS3-PC]


    The solution to help Lara a complete all challenges that await her in this Tomb Raider dated 2013.

    Collectible maniacs won't have to complain about playing Tomb Raider. We have already covered in other guides (which as usual you can find in the game's tricks tab) the documents, GPS, relics, treasure maps and optional tombs. Now is the time to see how and where to collect all of the objects that serve to complete the challenges featured in the single player campaign.

    The challenges are to collect collectibles. The items to collect are 84 in total, divided into 13 different challenges. By completing all the challenges you will unlock 2 Achievements / Trophies:

    Knots to untie - Complete a challenge.

    Lover of challenges - Complete all challenges.

    After completing the Story you can continue to complete the challenges even in free mode. Below is the list of challenges, indicating the area in which they are located and a link to a video showing where to find exactly all the objects needed to complete each challenge. Good luck!!!

    Coastal Forest
    - Challenge "Ghost Hunter" - Hit 10 Skulls - Watch the video

    Mountain Temple
    - Challenge "Pyromaniac" (Pyromaniac) - Hit 5 Lanterns - Watch the video

    Mountain Village
    - Challenge "Illumination" - Find 10 Statues - Watch the video
    - Challenge "Egg Poacher" - Collect 5 Eggs - Watch the video

    Mountain Base
    - Challenge "Non Believer" (Unbeliever) - Burn 5 Banners - Watch the video

    - Challenge "Laid the rest" - Incinerate and take down 5 crosses - Watch the video
    - Challenge "Silencer" - Destroy 4 Alarms - Watch the video

    Geothermal Caverns
    - Challenge "Firestarter" - Burn 6 bags (hanging bodies) - Watch the video

    Summit Forest
    - Challenge "Red Cap Roundup" - Collect 10 mushrooms - Watch the video

    Shipwreck Beach
    - Challenge "Cairn Raider" - Find 5 Mounds - Watch the video
    - Challenge "Mine Sweeper" - Destroy 10 Mines - Watch the video

    Cliffside Bunker
    - Challenge "Previous Inhabitant" - Burn 4 Flags - Watch the video

    Research Base
    - Challenge "Sun Killer" - Hit 5 Pendants - Watch the video

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