Tom & Jerry: released the official trailer of the film coming to theaters

Back to the cinema one of the most loved duo in the history of cartoons who has been able to make many happy and unforgettable moments for several generations of children. We are talking about the most famous cat and mouse in the world, the duo Tom & Jerry. Historical rivalry between the two, but also many sequences of friendship to which we are all used by now. In hybrid film (digital and animated) outgoing during the 2021, the events will bring our protagonists to New York, precisely in the best city hotel where the "wedding of the century" will take place. Obviously the image of the structure cannot be ruined by a mouse running up and down the floors, and for this reason the organizer of the event will decide to hire a cat (Tom) to get rid of him. But soon an even more sinister conspiracy will be uncovered behind the structure.

The film is directed by Tim Story ("The Fantastic 4", "Think Like a Man", "Barbershop"), produced by Chris DeFaria ("The LEGO Movie 2 - A New Adventure", "Ready Player One", "Gravity") and written by Kevin Costello, based on the characters created by William Hanna e Joseph Barbera. Interpreted by Chloë Grace Moretz ("Bad Neighbors 2", "The Addams Family"), Michael Peña ("Cesar Chavez," "American Hustle", "Ant-Man"), Rob Delaney ("Deadpool 2", "Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw ”), Colin Jost (“ Single But Not Too Much ”,“ Saturday Night Live ”), and Ken Jeong (“ Crazy & Rich ”,“ The Hangover ”,“ Transformers 3 ”). These are the words of Chloë Grace Moretz released during an interview:

I've always watched the adventures of Tom and Jerry. They were a pillar of my childhood. […] The biggest challenge of this film was working without anyone actually being on the set. Tom was a stick with the name written on a label, while for Jerry there was at least one scale model. But in the end it was very interesting to improvise in front of nowhere and improvise with the animators putting ourselves to the test.

At the top of the article, as always, you can watch the first official trailer in Spanish of the new classic mixed live action animated film coming soon to the big screen. We leave you now to the hilarious movie. Good vision!

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