Tom Clancy's Without Remorse and Them arrive in April on Amazon Prime Video

Like every month the catalog Amazon Prime Video expands, this month the most interesting news turn out to be Tom Clancy's Without Remorse e Them. The first is a film based on the novel of the same name by Tom Clancy, and will tell the origins of John Clarck (one of the writer's most popular characters), played by Michael B. Jordan (known for playing the role of Creed). The plot sees the protagonist seeking revenge against a team of Russian soldiers, who killed his family in retaliation for participating in a secret operation. The film will be released on April 30th.

On 9 April, however, it will make its debut Them. This is a horror anthology series set in 1950. Here is the synopsis:

Them is an anthology series that explores terror in America. The first season, COVENANT, set in the 50s, follows a black family who move from North Carolina to a white-only neighborhood in Los Angeles during the Great Migration. Their home becomes the epicenter where evil forces, from next door and from beyond, threaten to taunt and destroy them.

It looks like a rather interesting series, given that it could mix the horror component with a denunciation of the problematic of racism. Among the other additions of the month we would like to make some mentions. It will be out on April XNUMXst Mad Max (1980), a great classic of the post-apocalyptic genre. April 3 will arrive Blair Witch (the sequel to The Blair Witch Project - The Mystery of Blair's Witch and Blair Witch) another horror that has become a cult. On April 28, however, it will be available Arrival, very interesting sci-fi film.

The Amazon Prime Video catalog it continues to constantly expand, becoming more and more varied. The arrival of Tom Clancy's Without Remorse and Them on Amazon Prime Video this month will make fans of spy movies (and even those who have read the novel of the same name) and horror movies particularly happy.

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