Tom Clancy's The Division 2: unveiled the list of trophies on Playstation 4

There are now a few days left until the release of Tom Clancy's The Division 2, new chapter of the franchise created by Ubisoft, out on March 15 on PC, Xbox One and Plasytation 4. In the last few hours, the trophies that will be unlockable in the Playstation 4 version of the title have been unveiled. Trophies will be unlockable as you progress through the story, play multiplayer and complete missions in the dark zone. Before leaving you to the list of trophies we inform you that it contains spoiler on the plot of the game.

Platinum agent
Unlock all trophies in Tom Clancy's The Division®2.

A question of state
Hunt the True Sons from the Capitol.

Hard as steel
Complete all missions on hard or higher level.

Undressed to kill
Completely destroy the armor of a tank, then take it out.

Superior class
Reach level 30.

Wild nature
Destroy the stronghold of the outcasts on Roosevelt Island.

Special effects
Craft a special item or weapon.

The best of the best
Invest in every type of upgrade available for a specialization.

King of skills
Equip and use every skill.

Dark Zone: sabotage in the dark
Sabotage an extraction in any Dark Zone during a blackout.

Save Eleanor Sawyer from the hyenas at the Grand Washington Hotel.

Vault opening
Find out what the hyenas stole from Air Force One.

Bunker Breaker
Retrieve important SHADE network equipment from the Federal Emergency Bunker.

Reserved prognosis
Put an end to the outcasts at DCM headquarters.

Retrieve the interrogation files from the American History Museum.

Global communication
Restore the SHADE satellite network to the space agency headquarters.

Spread the word
Take control of the Viewpoint museum by taking it away from the True Sons.

Season pass
Eliminate the hyena council at the District Union Arena.

Strategic extraction
Capture the Outcast Chief Strategist at the Potomac Event Center.

Rebuild DC
Fully upgrade all settlements.

Leadership attitude
Discover 20 outposts in DC.

Group therapy
Conquer an outpost without anyone being knocked down.

Friend in trouble
Respond to a call for help and revive an agent.

Send a request for reinforcements.

With cards exposed
Collect any suit of the cards within the game world.

Movie cop
Take a slide on the hood of a car.

Negative, Ramos!
Stun enemy medics by shooting their defibrillator.

Top of the patches
Obtain 10 Commendation Patches.

Help allies gather resources.

Black Zone: refuge
Access a hidden refuge in a Dark Zone.

Black Zone: extraction
Extract an item from each Dark Zone.

Dark Zone: killing
Eliminate a renegade agent in each Dark Zone.

Primus inter pares
Win a match in Skirmish or Domination mode.

Clash of Clans
Join your clan in a conflict against another clan.

Big game
Complete one bounty for each shelter.

Leave a mark
Kill an enemy with each signature weapon (crossbow, sniper rifle and grenade launcher)

Knee arrow
Hit 10 enemies in the leg with the crossbow.

Unity is strength
Create or join a clan.

To the postersi
Photo Mode: Take a photo of a group of 4 agents.

DIY collector
Collect 20 blueprints.

Equip your first specialization.

Project management
Complete a theater and campus settlement project.

The dress makes the monk
Use high-end (or better) gear in all slots.

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