Todd Howard of Bethesda expresses himself on the next gen: "the consoles of the future will start great"

The launch window for an entertainment product, but also for any other kind of consumption that is put on the market, is a very delicate period on which it can depend a lot; marketing strategies, pricing, release date and other variables can really make the difference between a great product that will sell and one that will fail. If we translate this line of thought into the gaming world, one immediately thinks of the comparisons created over the last few years between Sony e Microsoft products.

At the beginning of the era of Playstation 2 there was still no division Xbox, but since the last generation we have begun to witness what are in fact real marketing strategies also considering the competition: if on the one hand Microsoft products with her Xbox 360 obtained an excellent sales success due to an early exit compared to its rival and a good price on the market, it was then seen to be recovered until it was refitted in the course of work by Sony thanks to the excellent exclusives of prominence and a stronger fanbase built in more time. With the current generation, on the other hand, Microsoft has thrown away the good things it had built by getting everything wrong, or almost everything that could be wrong. The price of the new one Xbox One it was € 100 higher than the new one PlayStation 4 (including, however, of Kinect); the Kinect itself which was not supported by hardly any insiders and therefore it too turned out to be a flop; a decidedly unattractive aesthetic and in particular the initial strategy that saw the machine "always online" to be able to play, made Microsoft lose the battle against rival Sony shortly after its release.

How will the new consoles fare instead? In this regard he expressed himself Todd Howard, director in force at Bethesda who uttered his thoughts:

“They are doing the right things. As far as I'm concerned everything they are doing means that no one is wrong at the starting line and this is something that some people have done in the past. Gaming is reaching the point of 'linear' entertainment. Movies, TV, you will have games as bigger and bigger pillars of entertainment that people can buy for $ 60. You will have games that you can play through subscription services, those that you can download on your smartphone, those that you can play and are characterized by the presence of advertisements.


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