Titans season 3: the DC series stars Jay Lycurgo as Tim Drake

Tim Drake, the third Side kick in chronological order of the dark Knight in the original comic, it will appear in the third season of Titans, the TV series dedicated to young heroes of the DC universe. The role was entrusted to Jay Lycurgo, a young man with little experience in the acting world. However it should be noted that he was also cast for a small part in The Batman's movie Matt Reeves, due in theaters in 2022. The addition of Tim Drake, along with the announcement of the arrival of Barbara gordon always in the third season. enriches even more an already large cast, perhaps too much. Batman now has 4 helpers at his disposal and it will be interesting to see how this factor is handled in future installments

It is yet to be seen whether the new character arriving in the TV series will be presented as already new Robin of Batman or if he will have a more marginal role instead. As mentioned above, the cast is now quite large. we have Nightwing, Wonder Girl, Raven, Starfire, Beast Boy, Hawk, Dove, Jason Todd, Ravager, and Super Boy. This means that fans should expect a minor role for the new character, unless his background is deepened and in that case it would be a more than interesting aspect. The third season of Titans doesn't have a specific release date yet, but it should arrive later this year.

Titans debuted in America in 2018, with its first season, as the flagship content of DC's new Streaming service. The first two series are available on Netflix and have found a good success despite the (usual) controversy over the choice of the cast. In the series, which takes inspiration from the original comic but follows a different story, we will see the young heroes fight in different locations such as San Francisco and Detroit and we will follow their problems as teenagers mixed with the responsibilities of a true super hero. We just have to wait for more information on the series and hope for a release date not too far away.

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