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    Titanfall - List of Objectives [360]

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    Titanfall - List of Objectives [360]


    Here is the complete list of Titanfall's Xbox 360 Achievements




    Best in Class
    Finish a match as the best of your team
    25 G
    All charged up
    Killed 5 enemies with a single Arc Cannon shot
    25 G
    Killed 10 ejected pilots
    25 G
    Pull Harder!
    Killed a pilot blasted with the Plasma Railgun
    25 G
    All the Cards
    Earned 500 burn cards
    25 G
    My Robot Army
    Hacked 20 Specters using the Data Knife
    20 G
    You survived an evacuation
    50 G
    I Like a Challange
    Completed all challenges for a single weapon
    50 G
    IMC Pilot
    You have completed the IMC campaign
    50 G
    Militia Pilot
    You have completed the Militia campaign
    50 G
    My generation
    Become a second generation pilot
    50 G
    IMC Elite Pilot
    Win every level of the campaign as an IMC driver
    25 G
    Militia Elite Pilot
    Win each level of the campaign as a Militia pilot
    25 G
    Death from Above
    Killed 5 enemies by landing a Titan on them
    25 G
    Build Yourself
    You have created a custom loadout for your pilot
    15 G
    Customize your ride
    You have created a custom loadout for your titan
    15 G
    Halfway there
    You have reached level 25
    25 G
    Maxed Out
    You have reached level 50
    50 G
    Flag Runner
    Won 50 Capture the Flag matches
    25 G
    I Wore ‘em Down
    You have won 50 Attrition matches
    25 G
    Pilot Hunter
    You have won 50 Pilot Hunter matches
    25 G
    Captured Everything
    Won 50 Hardpoint matches
    25 G
    I Stand Alone
    Won 50 Last Titan Standing matches
    25 G
    I’ve seen it All
    You have played every mode on all maps
    25 G
    Ride 'em Cowboy
    Killed a Titan with a Rodeo-Kill
    25 G
    Like a Vacation
    You have completed the training
    25 G
    Look around
    You broke 10 pilots' necks
    10 G
    All the Hardware
    You have unlocked everything
    50 G
    Vortex Volley
    You caught a bullet from a vortex with your vortex
    15 G
    Frequent Flyer
    You have played 50 Campaign Matches
    50 G
    I Killed Them All
    Killed all the pilots by yourself during an evacuation
    25 G
    Wallrunning for 5km
    25 G
    Gen 10
    You have reached the highest generation
    0 G
    Superior in every way
    Killed 1000 AI-led soldiers
    25 G
    You called your Titan 25 times
    25 G
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