Titanfall 3: new rumors confirm that the title is in development

According to what has emerged in the last few hours, Titanium case 3 would already be in development! The news was spread by the Apex Legends dataminer, who would have discovered interesting news on the new first-person shooter of Respawn Entertainment. Although the tweet was promptly removed, the first to report this indiscretion was TheNeon_Beast, a person well known for being an internal source of the famous battle royale of the US studio, who made his debut on his Twitter account with the message "Titanfall 3 is real". News then "confirmed" by another dataminer called Biast12, also known for his work in finding information on Apex Legends.

Of course, since these are simple rumors, we remind you to take this information with the appropriate precautions as it is Electronic Arts, that Respawn Entertainment, have not confirmed or denied these rumors. However, if this information turns out to be correct, it would be in stark contrast to the current position of the development team, which has repeatedly reiterated to "enjoy" the sixth season of Apex, and that there is currently nothing in development. So, while the battle royale is now the main focus of the software house, the company has softened its vision on the series Titanfall. In recent months, the CEO of Respawn Wins Zampella he admitted that he was interested in seeing a return of the franchise, stating that he would personally take action to make something move. Furthermore, Zampella's words found further confirmation from EA, asserting that “something could happen if the opportunity arises“.




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