Titanfall 3 coming in 2022, according to an EA insider

A recent insider a Electronic Arts seems to have confirmed the arrival of Titanium case 3, exponent of the shooter series that made the fortune of Respawn Entertainment, already in the course of next year. We are talking about the direct successor of the second chapter released in 2016, which already had us then pleasantly impressed with a frenetic and multi-faceted gameplay that then also inspired the famous spin-off battle royale di Apex Legends. Obviously being a speculation we strongly recommend that you take everything with pliers while waiting for an official confirmation. We leave you the twett at the bottom of the article.

In fact, Titanfall 3, like other highly regarded and highly anticipated titles, is object di rumor for practically four years, so much has been the wait for the title, with rumors that have been repeated continuously about the possible arrival of the game but which were then promptly denied or simply let run over time by the publisher. However, the arrival of the third chapter of the series with Respawn Entertainment's mechanical Titans seems inevitable, given the great success of the last iteration of the Respawn house, namely the aforementioned Apex Legends. In fact, the battle royale of Electornic Arts has already arrived ateighth season and even now it continues to keep a very high attention from the public and from the developers who continue to release updates, content ed private events seamless.

We want to clarify, however, that the two Titanfalls are quite different from Apex Legends, despite it share the narrative universe, mainly due to the focus on the infantry battle in Apex Legends, while Titanfall, as the name suggests, also includes the fight between gargantuks in foot combat robotic titans, as imposing as a skyscraper. The mix of gameplay devoted to parkour (you can in fact run on the walls) and with a very short time to kill with the infantry you go to implement therefore, in a winning way, with the tactical battle between titans who use buildings as shelters and employ skills and weapons to get the better of their rivals. These and other features have certainly made the brand important in the world of arcade shooters. Titanium case 2 specifically, it has significantly improved the considerable flaws of the predecessor, enlarging and expanding its contents, with maps and even an interesting single player campaign. In short, if we think of Titanfall we cannot help but think of a new chapter coming and we hope it is the right time.

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- Tom Henderson (@_Tom_Henderson_) March 10, 2021

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Titanfall 3: new rumors confirm that the title is in development ❯
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