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Exactly two and a half years ago, during March 2014, we were preparing to review Titanfall, exclusive video game Xbox One e PC made by the former Infinity Ward (creators of some of the Call of Duty episodes): after years of FPS titles with a purely online component and accompanied by a single player story put just as a side dish, we were faced with a FPS more similar to the old Arena, which thanks to its being frenetic, stood out from the crowd. Titanfall himself, thanks to its success, it dictated the new "fashion" in the FPS of the futuristic setting (which of course the competitors did not exploit properly, creating a sort of stagnation). This year, however, is the year of the turning point: Battlefield 1 has focused on the First World War, Call of Duty with its offer has created an experience for both the old nostalgics and the newbies. IS Titanfall 2? Will he be able to overcome the famous obstacle of the second episode? Let's find out!Titanium case 2 presents itself on the market in a very different way from the first chapter: first of all, this time the game also came out on PlayStation 4 (as well as Xbox One e PC), becoming completely cross-platform. Also, unlike the first iteration, the package sold in the basic version looks a bit different: this time there will be a single player campaign, the multiplayer mode is richer and more varied than the previous one, and all will be accompanied by free DLC throughout the year. All advantages that come though put in a bad light by a simple distribution error on the part of Electronic Arts: release both Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 at the same time, even close to Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, it's crazy, justifiable only if you are 100% convinced of the product. Maybe they might have been too, but the sales figures, to say, point to a net advantage of Battlefield over Titanfall of about 4 times, which isn't really great news. But closed this paragraph dedicated exclusively to the purely logistical part, let's analyze this second chapter well.In the single player, great new entry of Titanium case 2, we will find ourselves in the shoes of the new driver Jack Cooper who, after a series of unfortunate events, will make the acquaintance of BT-7274, Titan that throughout the short but intense duration of the mode will accompany us to face the enemies on duty. This Titan, during the adventure, will be able to use all the weapons present in the game, choosing the best tactic from time to time: this will be very useful during the boss fights, that is other Titans that, specialized in a fighting style, will require a strategy to be defeated. Although the campaign lasts a few hours, we immediately see how the study of the same was not done by chance, just as a filler: the man-machine dialogue, the friendship that will form between the two characters, the superfine dubbing which is very reminiscent of an Optimus Prime struggling with his human companion (who will be voiced by the legendary Maurizio Merluzzo), make the storyline compelling and intriguing. The game design also, as a sort of ferryman, will show you the skills of the Titanfall Pilot, winking thanks to various scenarios and level design (especially exploiting the verticality), to the old chapter of the series.Entering the multiplayer sector, you discover the true soul of Titanium case 2: taking everything that worked in the first chapter, inserting new weapons, new features and many additional dynamics, this second chapter shows the muscles well, without exaggerating too much. We will find the maps almost totally free from camper areas, with buildings to climb and a verticality necessary to win. The anti-titan weapons, this time, will be only secondary weapons, thus requiring a choice on the part of the player whether to focus on the Pilots or on these giant robots. New items such as the grappling hook make their entrance, thus creating a difference between the various classes that can be created within the game, so as to allow you to better adapt the style of play. So if the opportunities with Pilots become virtually thousands, even with the Titans there is a gradual increase in choices: this time the Titans will be 6, the three classics of the first game, that is Ion (balanced), Scorch (tank) e Northstar (fast), along with three brand new robots like Ronin (gun and sword), Tone (homing missiles and single shot rifle) e Legion (gatling and melee).In practical terms, the game shows an out of the ordinary speed: if you already have experience of this type of gameplay with the previous chapter, after 10 minutes you will quickly resume the hand, as if the two years had not passed at all. The system always remains “easy to learn, hard to master”, as commands will always remain few, but with these few it will be possible to make superhuman movements. Many previously unbalanced weapons have been modified, for example the Smart Pistol, a very powerful weapon capable of taking targets automatically, has become a special ability that will work, along with the others, a bit like the classic perks. The modes, larger than before, offer a varied gaming experience that unfortunately, in Titanfall, after a while it started to become monotonous. Graphically speaking, as in the previous one, there are no bright textures, but very low and rough polygons, while the sound stands out, as always, of originality and completeness.The problem, as mentioned above, the timing of release remains strictly: If this game had come out at a time less loaded with triple A titles, it would be on everyone's tongue by now. Instead, given the presence of two giants such as Battlefield 1 (which we remember, it is always from Electronic Arts, for this reason the choice is quite strange) e Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, unfortunately in terms of sales it is not enjoying this great success. Furthermore, the strange policy of adopting free DLCs for weapons, with the doubt that the Titans are paid instead, is confusing the players who, when faced with a choice, find the already run-in better.

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