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Tips for winning at Titanfall [360 - Xbox One - PC]


Have you dived into the Titanfall arena but often end up smeared on the ground by a Titan's big foot? Here are some tips to start improving.

Tips for winning in Multiplayer

1. Stick to the walls
It is true that long tutorial did not explain it, but it is possible to do it. Wall running is useful for moving quickly, but is not very functional for shooting. But know that it is possible to stay stuck on the walls like a skilled spiderman, just hold down the RT button while you are running on a wall. From this position it will not be possible to aim (you are already using the zoom button) but you can always fire from a position of advantage. In fact, enemies tend more to control angles instead of looking up (you do it!). Another good use? When an opponent tries to hack your Titan you can jump out and attack a nearby wall, shoot it out for good, then head back inside. Very effective.

2. Use cluster bombs against "cowboys"
They talked about opponents trying to hack your Titan. In addition to the method described in point 1), to get rid of the "cowboys" who mount your robot there is another good solution: cluster bombs. These explode on impact and then continue to detonate for a few seconds. Throw one in the vicinity of your Titan that is being hacked: it will cause damage to your creature, but also to the opponent above it. A good solution to get rid of him without being forced to exit the Titan.

3. Don't be afraid to get out of the Titan
"Hey, didn't you just say it's better not to get out of the Titan?" Yes, but it is good to get used to it. When you drive the mechs you are always reluctant to abandon them, and like brave captains we stay on the ship until it sinks. But one of the good habits that must be taken to win is precisely that of knowing how to get out of the Titan. Developed properly the ability to kill a cowboy do not think about it too much: when you suffer a hack go out and cheat it, or, go out and go back inside (yes, it works).
In reality it is also good to learn to leave your own Titan controlled by the CPU autonomously, while you support it from the outside. It may be less fun, but two guns are better than one on several occasions.

4. Usate le burn Cards
There are something for all tastes (follow the guide to burn cards) and you will soon discover which ones are best suited to your way of playing. Among the best I cannot fail to point out those that increase the power of anti-titan weapons: with a few shots you could be able to obliterate an enemy mech. Abuse Burn Cards, always.

5. Launch the Titan before entering the base in Capture the Flag
In titanfall it is possible to carry the flag using a mech. The problem is that in most cases it is not possible to get it using the robot, as flags are often found in closed spaces. The best strategy is therefore to arrive at the enemy base on foot and call the Titan just before entering. This way the shield will protect him from enemy attacks while you grab the banner, allowing you to have a much safer passage when you come out.

6. Hack the turrets
In different levels there are turrets that can be hacked, do it. Their firepower is not excessive, but it is always good to have them on your side, because at least they will be able to engage your opponents who will be more vulnerable.

And this was the last. If you have anything else to suggest to the community, all you have to do is shoot your advice in the comments. Also remember to consult the other guides that will help you improve in Titanfall:

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