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    Tips and tricks for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Android

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    Tips and tricks for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. This page contains cheats for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas organized by sections for Android. This game has “Action Adventure” as its genre, made by War Drum Studios, released on December 20, 2013. If you can't find a tip or secret in our list, please check this page periodically for the latest updates.

    How to enter "secret" codes for mobile devices only

    1. Add a keyboard to your phone

    Using cheats on mobile devices isn't as simple as on consoles and PCs. You need to connect an external keyboard to your phone via bluetooth or USB, or download a third-party app that allows you to access a virtual keyboard while playing (for example, Swiftkey, Slash, or Touchpal).

    2. Save the game

    Create a new save file before you start using these cheats. Since the results will be disabled by entering any cheat code, it is important to keep a “clean” save for the future.

    3. Choose the code

    Grand Theft Auto San Andreas features a large number of cheats, each with different effects. Pick and mix the cheats you like the most from our list below, as well as the mobile-only codes below.

    4. Enter the code

    Activate the cheats by entering the relevant letter combination, using the external keyboard or software, during normal game play. There is no need to pause the game.

    4. Cheat Active

    The message you will see (if you have followed these steps correctly) will confirm that the cheat has been activated. If you don't see it, you should repeat the above steps.

    Tips and tricks for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for Android

    Cheat mode

    These codes require a physical keyboard to be connected to your Android device for this to work. Many of these cheats are similar to the original versions of San Andreas, but some cheats have been accidentally reactivated and are new to the HD versions of the game developed by War Drum Studios.

    Effect: Code:
    (New) A complete invincibility cheat (no damage from guns, fire, falls, explosions, drowning, etc; any car you enter is also permanently invulnerable) GONPXWR
    (New) Debugging feature: "Show mappings" KRRIHBT
    (New) Debug function: "Show taps by target" MIZYXHZ
    (New) Debug feature: "Show targeting" JQFUDUB
    (New) Instantly complete your current mission, if on one (does not work on all missions) BYIXZIY
    (New) Moves the time forward four hours YACKMWS
    (New) Get 4 weapon sets (sex toy, minigun, thermal goggles; drop into cheats to get night vision goggles) BIEUHQY
    Game speed: slow down FNJFCZC
    Game Speed: Speed ​​Up EHWBWDS
    Gang Cheats: Gang Wars Everywhere (can be toggled on / off) EAMLJNN
    Gang Tricks: No pedestrians apart from gang members having gunfights HAPOHXR
    Gang Cheats: Recruit anyone, with a rocket launcher QAONHOH
    Gang Cheats: Recruit anyone with an AK-47 AWIOMPH
    Gang Cheats: Recruit anyone, with guns JEZRPI
    Various. Cheats: Beach Theme (change CJ's clothing, pedestrian wear and traffic) BWCMMTD
    Various. Tricks: Carnival / Circus theme (CJ is a clown, pedestrians are mostly fast food workers and clowns, traffic is mostly fast food vehicles) HDLiwGB
    Various. Cheats: Pimp theme (CJ wears a gimp suit, pedestrians are mostly pimps and hookers with sex toys, hookers follow CJ) BNIZWSB
    Various. Tricks: rural theme (CJ is a truck driver, pedestrians become the most seen in rural areas) OAXCCRI
    Various. Cheats: triad theme (CJ has a katana, pedestrians are mostly triads and most of the traffic is motorcycles) AAUSQP
    Pedestrian Cheats: Mayhem and Mayhem (Note: Cheats are permanent and can make a late game mission impossible) AKOZBCH
    Tricks for pedestrians: Elvis is everywhere LNHVOAE
    Pedestrian Tricks: Pedestrian Revolt NJXPCYE
    Tricks for pedestrians: pedestrians attack you FARYJHZ
    Pedestrian Tricks: Pedestrians attack you with guns HERITAGE
    Tricks for pedestrians: pedestrians have weapons GDNXHDK
    Cheats for players: adrenaline SLSNRKK
    Player Cheats: CJ can jump very high (be wary of falling damage) BFMANNZP
    Cheats for players: commit suicide SLOTSFK
    Cheats for players: complete weapon aiming at Vehciles RYSMRM
    Cheats for players: Get full health and armor and get $ 250.000 PJYNQCQ
    Cheats for players: Hitman on all weapons SDWBWHE
    Cheats for players: infinite ammo NECUMZ
    Player Cheats: Infinite Lung Capacity (note: this doesn't make your air dry up underwater; you still need to increase your capacity for some missions) POOOJOX
    Cheats for players: maximum driving skills EHWBWDS
    Cheats for players: maximum fat AESHXWQI
    Player Cheats: Maximum Muscle SGVDSQW
    Tricks for the players: maximum respect MTGIISR
    Player Cheats: Maximum Sex Appeal APGZLQR
    Tricks for the players: maximum resistance AEZLCKXU
    Player Cheats: Never Hungry KBTMUVH
    Player Cheats: Get a jetpack CDGUDEP
    Player Cheats: Get a parachute GSUMLEG
    Player Cheats: Semi-Invincibility (Cannot be damaged by fire or guns, but is still injured by explosions, falls, police helicopters, and drowning) BLOCK
    Player Cheats: Super Punch (CJ knocks people he hits very far, killing them instantly) LRMYOJM
    Player Cheats: Zero Fat & Muscle AWXDCRJ
    Time tricks: time is frozen at dusk (21:00, that is, 21:00) KTGDLXY
    Cheats: time is frozen at midnight (00:00) AWUJNBB
    Traffic Cheats: Driver aggressivi IOKXTFJ
    Traffic Tricks: All Green Lights ENQCFMA
    Traffic Cheats: Black Cars GOYDVAO
    Traffic Cheats: pink car GYKVYTR
    Traffic Tricks: Traffic is mainly rural vehicles JTBCSN
    Traffic Tricks: Traffic is mainly sports cars FRIUBIL
    Traffic Tricks: Traffic is generated very rarely; parked cars still spawn DEHDRX
    Vehicle Cheats: All cars have nitro WUSDOTO
    Vehicle Tricks: Bikes make huge bunny jumps TDBKCEH
    Vehicle Tricks: Boats can fly PTHSEO
    Vehicle Tricks: Cars can fly DOTBSFK
    Vehicle Tricks: Cars you run into explode on contact; your car is invincible (but sometimes this invincibility shuts down randomly) BXBTUBTI
    Vehicle Tricks: Colliding with other cars makes them fly away JBVIJXA
    Vehicle Cheats: Explode all cars BKFONFE
    Vehicle Tricks: Invisible Cars SDWBWHE
    Vehicle Tricks: Perfect handling DLNNHZJ
    Vehicle Generation Cheats: Caddy DAHESZY
    Vehicle Generation Cheats: Hearse PSPNATX
    Vehicle Generation Cheats: Hydra AWPTMIIQ
    Vehicle Spawn Cheats: Race Car (# 1) BIGLWCDD
    Vehicle Generation Cheats: Race Car (# 2) HPGPIJZ
    Vehicle Generation Cheats: Race Car (# 3) BGJPSYC
    Vehicle Generation Cheats: Race Car (# 4) BIEAVBAY
    Vehicle Generation Cheats: Rhino AYNVQVK
    Tricks for spawning vehicles: trait IXSMWCQ
    Vehicle Generation Cheats: Trashmaster QPOLSVK
    Vehicle Generation Cheats: Whirlwind EHWBWDS
    Wanted Level Cheats: 6 Star Wanted Level GWJZWC
    Cheats of the desired level: delete your desired level KDTZNHO
    Cheats per desired level: Increase the desired level by 2 NCBXXDX
    Desired Level Cheats: Desired Level Levels freeze at the current state BYKGOAB
    Weapon Cheats: Get Weapon Set 1 BEFWKSBQ
    Weapon Cheats: Get Weapon Set 2 SHHIHJG
    Weapon Cheats: Get Weapon Set 3 GOIZSSX
    Weather tricks: cloudy VBWEMQX
    Weather cheats: fast time OWAKIJ
    Weather tricks: foggy EGCEBVM
    Weather tricks: rainy TAVPIER
    Weather Tricks: Sandstorm JBWDWWO
    Weather tricks: stormy EAKILHM
    Weather tricks: sunny AAEXPPQC
    Weather tricks: very sunny HTRTTVJ
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