TikTok: Could Twitter buy the famous social network?

The President <br><br>Donald Trump recently signed an executive order to ban TikTok negli United States due to some privacy and security concerns. TikTok's ban will take effect on September 15th unless the company (which is Chinese) is unable to find a US buyer before this date. According to an indiscretion of the Wall Street Journal, it seems that Twitter is serious about buying the Chinese social network. This scenario, as evidenced by Fox Business, is made even more plausible by the fact that Twitter, having much lower purchasing power than other companies offering control over TikTok, could create far fewer problems than antitrust for Twitter in the acquisition.

Besides Twitter, the other big company would be attempting to buy TikTok would be Microsoft products, as we already told you a few days ago. In fact, Microsoft seems to want as soon as possible with the parent company of TikTokByteDance. This is because we want to make sure that the Redmond house gets possession of the social in the Canadian, American, Australian and New Zealand markets. Also, to secure operations, the former company of Bill Gates, in case of acquisition, it will make sure that all the private data of the Americans who will use the app remain within the country, and if these are located in foreign servers, he will have to have them transferred to the USA and have them deleted from the starting server.

TikTok is currently theapp that dominates the charts around the world, and if at the beginning it was possible to find only very young boys and girls, now even some of the most important personalities of cinema, music and politics are enrolled in the Chinese platform. Therefore, if the purchase by Microsoft or Twitter were successful, it would be a great blow scored by the Americans against the Chinese, who will certainly continue to have some income, but certainly much lower than in the past. .

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