TikTok at the end credits? Trump's ban could come as early as today

The president of the United States is official, according to CNBC <br><br>Donald Trump he recently told reporters that he will ban TikTok from the States, starting today, Saturday August 1. This move will come through an executive order, although the American tycoon has not yet specified what course of action he would have taken towards the well-known social network, which has recently been depopulating on the web (especially among the youngest). Here are Trump's words:

As for TikTok, we are banning it from the US.

In addition, the Chinese-owned social media video app is reportedly controlled by the administration Trump, is currently in talks with Microsoft and other companies for the outright acquisition and sale of part of the parent company ByteDance. But that's not all, since as reported by the New York Times, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (or CFIUS) he would have ordered the Chinese multinational to sell TikTok (as it would pose a threat to national security, due to eastern ownership), while the government is currently discussing the terms of not only the separation from ByteDance, but also the inclusion of the latter in the "entity list“, Which would prevent him from purchasing American products and services without a special license.


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