Three sympathetic easter eggs in Ryse Son of Rome

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Ryse Son of Rome: all the secrets and easter eggs


In our section dedicated to secrets and easter eggs hidden by video game developers, it's time to take a closer look at Crytek's next-gen action.

Three sympathetic easter eggs in Ryse Son of Rome

Even in a title set in the era of gladiators there is room for a couple of curious "off topic" who confirm that in the field of video games it is always good not to take yourself too seriously. Discover them with us.

Gladiators Vs Phantom Legion

This ester eggs can be activated during Chapter 3 of the campaign. To do this, just get three skulls and then go on as shown in the video below. Behind you will arrive a ghost ship that will let go of a horde of warrior spirits that will rush towards your enemy.

Bocce and Arena

It seems that already in ancient Rome there were "exhibitionists" inclined to scurry around the arenas as naked as the ass of a macaque. Apparently there is nothing in particular to do to trigger the event which instead should be completely random. The black bands to censor the "shame" of the stricker are NOT the result of edits made by the youtuber, but it is stuff already present in the game. If it hasn't happened to you playing in the arena, enjoy the show in these two videos:

Excalaba, Excansiba, Exchizbu ...

"... Excalibur !!! Imbecile". Remember this scene from the movie "Superfantozzi"? The mythical Paolo Villaggio takes up (obviously in his own way) one of the deeds sometimes attributed to the legendary figure of the Lady of the Lake, namely the delivery of the sword Excalibur to King Arthur. In Ryse Son of Rome there is an easter egg that makes us relive this story. To assist with your own eyes, go to Chapter 3 in front of the pond with the waterfall nearby. Stop and wait (it could take up to several minutes). As shown in the video below you will see the arm of the Lady of the Lake appearing and giving you the sword.

And have you discovered other easter eggs by playing Ryse Son of Rome? Feel free to use the comments below to report them and allow us to update the guide. Consult the fact sheet cheats by Ryse Son of Rome for other guides on this game.

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