THQ Nordic: Two new titles will be officially announced at E3 2019

THEE3 2019 by now it is approaching, and there will be many companies that will entertain the public during the Los Angeles conference with announcements of new titles and real dedicated hands-on sessions. Among these, moreover, it also seems to pop up THQ Nordic, who recently published a short program of what awaits us at the fair. According to the company's plans, in fact, on Monday 10nd June will be officially revealed well two new titles.

In an email that THQ Nordic allegedly sent to some sites and publications, two mysterious “secret unannounced titles” have been included in the list of games that will be made available for demo during E3. No particular details were disclosed regarding the video games, however one was described as a great return of one franchise "galactically loved" by the public, while the other was presented as one revisited version of another very important series.

Many web users have already begun to speculate on these mysterious announcements, but a rumor in particular would involve the possible sequel / remake of TimeSplitters - even if such series would not be excluded either Saints Row o Red Faction. At the moment, however, we just have to wait patiently for the arrival of E3 2019, and wait for the official announcements to finally set foot on the stage.

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THQ Nordic and 4A Games ready to work on a triple A title ❯
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