Those Who Remain: interview with Bruno and Ricardo Cesteiro of Camel 101

During the last few days we have been able to chat with Bruno and Ricardo Cesteiro of the team Camel 101. Clearly our interview focused on their new title Those who remain, of which we have spoken abundantly after our interesting test played. Furthermore, the development studio is not new to our pages, as we have long ago analyzed another of their products, unfortunately not very lucky (Syndrome, a horror title that came out perhaps a little prematurely). However, the impressions for this new game are decidedly more positive, and it is precisely for this reason that we have decided to give ink to some of our curiosities, which the team has been able to promptly satisfy.

Here is our question and answer!

We had the pleasure of playing a demo of Those Who Remain and really enjoyed it. One of the things we absolutely loved the most is the setting. Were there other products (whether video games or other media) that inspired you?

We really put a lot of our effort into creating the setting and setting for the game. With the main premise that sees the light to oppose darkness, it was very important for us to recreate visual and audio components that could reflect this concept, and at the same time deeply immersive for the player.

There were several inspirations for the creation of the title, mostly from movies and TV shows. Dormont, the city where it all comes to life, is markedly inspired by Twin Peaks. Both are small countries that seem to be everywhere in the United States, but actually turn out to be very special, with dark secrets hidden just below the surface. I'm a huge fan of David Lynch and his works, especially the way he mixes everyday things with a surreal madness, so typical of him. We tried to capture some of that madness in our creation as well. Dormont is anything but an ordinary citizen.

Stranger Things it was another of our biggest inspirations. We also have an alternate reality within Those Who Remain, something that feels like a distorted version of the real world. Both realities are connected, and what happens in one directly affects the other as well. Although it is very different from the "Sottosopra" of the Netflix evenings, they share some aesthetic similarities.

There are also influences from some 80's movies, like John Carpenter's The Fog. We are geeks of horror culture, so we read, play and watch a lot of this material, which inevitably ends up inspiring us.

Finally, two very different games that spiritually inspired Those Who Remain are Alan Wake e Silent Hill.

Another thing we liked is the alternation of light and dark in terms of both gameplay and storytelling. Speaking of the former, can we expect further insights into the game?

Definitely. Light versus dark is one of the main premises of the game, so everything will revolve around that. But as the game progresses, things will start to get more and more complicated: different light sources, creatures that can walk in the light, defective lights and so on.

Furthermore, let's not forget the alternate reality we were talking about a little while ago. In some situations the player will have to travel to the other side to fix or fix something in the real world. This adds another layer of complexity to the puzzles and allowed us to create interesting scenarios and intriguing puzzles for players to solve.

Are there any chances of Those Who Remain coming to next generation consoles?

Everything is possible, we like to say that all doors are open, you never know.

Are you already thinking about implementing ray-tracing technology?

Honestly, we know it's right out here, and we know we might be pumping graphics quality, but we wouldn't have the time to do the proper research right now. In any case, we love new technologies and everything that can improve the visual quality, so if we have the opportunity, we will definitely take it on the fly.

What is the duration of the game? Do you think there will be a sequel?

It depends on the player and his style of play, but what we've seen so far mirrors between 6 and 9 hours. There won't be a direct sequel, as this game focuses on Edward, and his story will end there. However there is the possibility to move the action to other places or characters. Without trespassing into spoiler territory, the phenomenon that plagues the fictional town of Dormont can affect other places as well.

Try to describe Those Who Remain in one word.


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