Thirteen: the new trailer does not give hope for a happy ending

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After publishing a video on the backstage of the last season of Thirteen (on which we published an article), today it was finally published on the Youtube channel of Netflix the official trailer. Despite many controversies raised due to the issues covered by the TV series, the fourth and final season will be available starting from June 5 2020. During the previous seasons we have seen the guys from the Liberty High deal with bullying, homicides and suicides as if they were episodes of everyday life. From the trailer we can collect some information about the new chapter.

One of the main characters, and to whom the public is most fond of, is precisely Clay (interpreted by Dylan minnette). After all the events, his character was put to a severe psychological test. From the previews we can see how he is constantly subject to stress and hallucinations, so much so that he cannot get out of it even with the help of a therapist (Gary Sinise, new entry in the cast). At the end of the video, let's see Clay on the ground, covered in blood and with a knife in his hand. We cannot know if it is the truth or just a figment of his imagination.

We just have to wait for the 5nd June to find out what fate awaits our protagonists, and what horrible events will happen during this fourth season. We, as usual, will not fail to keep you updated about the news on Thirteen and on all the new ones TV series arriving.

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