The World Ends with You: Square Enix anticipates that it will become an anime

Just announced by Square Enix than the famous game The World Ends with You become an anime. The official announcement will be made during the streaming conference 2020 Lite - Anime Expo, to be held live on Twitch e Youtube starting from 21:00 on July 3rd 2020. Regarding the anime we have no other news, and we will find out what it is directly next week. Surely the main plot will be inspired by that of the RPG video game produced for the Nintendo DS in 2007 and reworked in 2018 for Nintendo Switch. We just have to wait to get more news.

The World Ends with You is an RPG developed by Square Enix. Set in the neighborhood Shibuya, the game alternates urban fantasy with a characteristic Japanese scenario of the early 2000s. The video game tells the story of Neku Sakuraba, after a total loss of memory. The adventure will take place in this parallel universe called Undeground, with the help of a few friends you just met.

We just have to wait to find out more about this anime that, even before being officially presented, has already created hype and stir. For all the news about this and other upcoming titles, as usual we will not fail to keep you updated. We remind you that Square Enix has created a site to keep an eye on the countdown for the Anime Expo 2020. 

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