The Wolf Among Us 2 - Preview of the new adventure from Telltale Games

During the show of The Game Awards 2019 of December 13 we all took stock of the conference that was being presented. Between the new Hellblade and the design of a console shown, there was certainly no complaint for a show that does not have as its main focus the reveal of video games, but rather of the prizes that are awarded for each category of nominations. Caressing the public, however, at the end of the event which has now lasted over 2 hours, The Wolf Among Us 2 he showed himself, with extreme delicacy and elegance.

Nevertheless, the astonishment shown was very, unfortunately dampened by a trailer presented certainly not up to what we would have liked to see, with details really positioned with a tiny dropper. In any case, we have been able to see the iconic Bigby again, created by the famous Telltale Games house, which seems to have returned to the fore with this new adventure.

We are here today to talk to you about what we have been able to discover by analyzing the details of the trailer, some features on the game that have emerged in the following hours and what will happen to the new Telltale, hoping that The Wolf Among Us 2 is not his song. of the swan as a glorious new beginning.

The return of Telltale Games

Going bankrupt in the past 2018, Telltale Games never seemed to be making a comeback. With some projects left open like a new title on Stranger Things, a possible season 5 of The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and the Wolf Among Us 2, we had all realized that one of the best exponents in the graphic adventure industry was now out of the game. From then on we could only continue to imagine the future of the works in question, which have strongly marked the market for their magnificent narration, but without waiting for an implausible sequel.

We are today aware of the fact that we were wrong fortunately, Telltale Games is officially reborn unexpectedly, as you can see at the end of the very short video developing the new chapter of The Wolf Among Us is the software house that originally created it, the guys from Telltale. Thanks to Athlon Games which has taken over the ashes of the company, we could find ourselves in front of a new beginning that could bring to the market new exciting products - only hoping that the nefarious fate that the company has already experienced does not return to peep out - we can now perhaps talk about Telltale Games 2 ?

The iconic Big Bad Wolf

First appearing in The Wolf Among Us, Bigby quickly became a celebrity in the video game landscape. A man all in one piece, however, with feelings and a heart of gold, who like the other characters was there to represent the most human form of existing historical fairy tales. In fact, the universe created by Telltale Games dealt with extremely mature themes, from drugs to violence against women, passing through prostitution, in a completely new interpretation that allowed the work to be loved. The graphic sector is the one that has always marked the software house, halfway between comics and video games, but the golden point of the work is the raw, ruthless and cryptic narrative just enough to give birth to millions of theories about the ending. This in fact was not absolutely explicit, and left room for different interpretations even outside of a possible second chapter, which will surely show us the correct one.

The Wolf Among Us 2 seems to pick up on the history of the same world, at least from the very short video shown. It is possible to admire the shadow of a woman who is busy talking to the always calm and relaxed Bigby, while the latter is intent on smoking his classic thousands of cigarettes a day. Unfortunately, we can not know more, neither if the story will continue from where we left it, nor if it is another time frame or a sequel. It is not possible to see the face in the face protagonist, and any signs of aging are therefore not apparently recognizable and obvious. So we just have to wait ... a very long time! The work will not be released before 2021 and this launch window has not been confirmed either, we could risk seeing The Wolf Among Us in 2022 even. We know that the game will be released again on both PC and console, and it is more than legitimate to expect it both on the current videogame generation, and on the one ready to make its debut in the last months of next year.

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The Wolf Among Us 2 will not be present at The Game Awards 2020 ❯
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