The Witcher: unveiled a new giant collectible statue of Geralt

The production house of action figures Prime 1 Studio, best known for its gigantic creations of about one meter in height and with an obsessive attention to every detail, has recently announced a new statue that will soon be added to their collection: Geralt of Rivia, the protagonist of the series The Witcher. In this new reproduction of the witcher in 1: 3 scale, we see the White Wolf with his classic features, taken from the third chapter of the role-playing game developed by CD Project Red. Many would have preferred a statue with the features of Henry Cavill, who plays Geralt in the Netflix series of the same name and which has met with great success, but in his 'videogame' role is still tempting many fans.

The new statue that will become part of the collection Museum Masterline Series, will be just over 90 cm high, with a diameter of its pedestal of about 50 cm, which also sees a led in the shape of the classic Geralt medallion set inside it, and with a weight that will exceed 25 kilos. The witcher's face can be easily changed by using one of four different expressions present in the package. Furthermore, Geralt's pose sees him stand out on a base that refers to many of the themes that are treated in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, in his right hand he holds his silver sword and the many victims of his adventures are held in his left hand.

Obviously, such a work does not have a negligible cost: in fact, we are talking about a price equal to 1449$, which although it can be considered very high can be considered suitable for what Prime 1 Studio offers with its products, especially those of the Museum Masterline Series collection. For the moment it is not known yet when it will be available for sale, but in the meantime pre-orders are already open, so as to allow all fans and enthusiasts of this great series to get their hands on a copy of this magnificent statue.

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