The Witcher: Old World, announced the new board game on Witchers

In the last few hours the announcement of a collaboration between CD Project Red e Go On Board for a new board game,  The Witcher: Old World. All thanks to the development management of Łukasz Woźniak, famous designer and author of titles such as Valhalla e Titans. Countryside Kickstarter of the game will start May 2021, while regarding its distribution to the public it seems that we will have to wait until April 2022, although we still do not have more precise dates on the matter.

The Witcher: Old World will be set, as the name suggests, in the fantasy world of the famous saga. At the temporal level, our deeds will precede those of the well-known Geralt of Rivia, protagonist of books and films. It will be a card game with a big one roleplay component, we will in fact have to interpret a blameless monster hunter  who has just completed training in one of the 5 Witcher schools: Wolf, cat, Vipera, Bear o Grifone. Each of which will allow the player to get unique innate abilities and peculiar ones that will open up the possibilities a different ways to progress in the adventure. Your deck will also impact stats, such as life point variation and movement speed during the game.

The game will be from 2-5 players and you will have to face clashes and crossroads of all kinds, such as having to accept certain contracts or fight fierce monsters, or even, in certain cases, having to hire a duel right against another Witcher, as announced in the video trailer. Countryside Kickstarter and user advice will have an impact on the future of the game, allowing it to expand and create more and more options in the rules. Łukasz Woźniak he also announced that they will be there two versions of the final box, that starter is that deluxe, without going further into details. He then showed some figurines from the game, including a model of Leshen and a beautiful Spirit of the Forest, which you can see in the picture. With all these premises it seems that we should expect a title with controfiocchi from CD Project Red.

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