The Witcher: Filming for the second season has ended

Through a story posted on Instagram by the make-up artist and hairdresser Jacqueline Rathore, filming of the second season of the branded TV series Netflix, The Witcher, they ended. The story feed has been captured for you and is available in the most classic of the screenshots at the bottom of the news. The image shows the last thing left attached to the blackboard used for production, which is a menu for placing orders for take-away food.

The image, within Jacqueline's Instagram story, is accompanied by the message: “We have come to the end of The Witcher 2! Only one takeaway menu remained on the blackboard! “. The subsequent story published by the author herself on her profile confirms that the production has officially ended. Work on the production of the second season of the TV series The Witcher began in the month of February 2020, just before the pandemic linked to the risk of contagion from COVID-19 brought the entire planet to its knees. According to initial production plans, filming was due to finish last August, but Herny Cavill (the actor he plays) Geralt of Rivia) was in spite of himself the protagonist of a injury on the set.

The first season of The Witcher is available exclusively on the Netflix streaming platform. The TV series is based on the Geralt of Rivia saga created by the Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, on which the The Witcher videogame series, from the boys of CD Projekt RED. Last chapter of the video game series is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (released in 2015), unanimously recognized as one of the best RPGs ever released. Check out our review in case you've spent the last few years of your life on Mars, or otherwise wandering around the Solar System. Speaking of Wild Hunt, it was announced that the version dedicated to the next generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft, respectively, will be released soon. PlayStation 5 e Xbox Series X / S.

Before leaving, we invite you to take a look at the news according to which the second season of the TV series The Witcher will introduce the Wild Hunt ("Wild Hunt", in fact).

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