The Witcher: Blood Origin, the showrunner shows the script

Announced last July 2020, it would seem that the new prequel miniseries (Blood Origin) inspired by the world of The Witcher both in the home straight, given that in the past few hours the showrunner Declan de Barra has released a new post on their account Twitter depicting several scripts from the new Netflix exclusive production. As can be seen from the tweet, which you can easily retrieve at the bottom of the article, the Irish television screenwriter has avoided any form of spoiler, since the image only shows the name of the series and the date of pre-production (22 February 2021) .

Although the showrunner didn't go too far on the new original series Netflix, the tweet has the words "pain, joy, revenge, death, a world never told", all accompanied by a sequence of numbers (from 1 to 6), alluding that these words may refer in some way to the issues that will be treated in the respective episodes of the show.

Although very little information is currently known about The Witcher: Blood Origin, the show will be set in an elven world 1200 years before the world of The Witcher. This prequel will tell the origin of the very first "witcher" and the events leading up to the fundamental "conjunction of the spheres", when the worlds of monsters, men and elves have united to become one. Furthermore, according to what has emerged in recent weeks, the shoot will be made entirely in Britain.

1200 years before Geralt of Rivia, the worlds of monsters, men and elves came together. And that's how the first Witcher was born. The Witcher: Blood Origin, a spin-off of the 6-part live action created by Declan de Barra and Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, is coming to Netflix soon.

Waiting to learn more about the new Netflix original series, still without an official release date, we remind you that last week the cast of The Witcher: Blood Origin joined Laurence O'Fuarain, playing the role of the protagonist, Fjall. The show will be directed by Declar de BarraWhich, together with Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, Jason Brown, Sean Daniel, Tomek Baginski Jarek Sawko will be the executive producer of the show while Andrzej Sapkowski he will be creative consultant on the series.

1 for sorrow, 2 for joy, 3 for vengeance, 4 to die, 5 for flame, 6 for a world untold, never the same again… #thewitcherbloodorigins

- Declan de Barra (@declandebarra) March 28, 2021

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