The Witcher 4: a rumor sees it as a prequel with Ciri protagonist

On the day of April XNUMXst, the GamePressure newspaper published rumors provided according to the source by someone close to the software house CD Project Red. We talk about The Witcher 4, a new chapter still completely mysterious and not even officially mentioned, as it is not confirmed by the developer that the same can see the light sooner or later. However, it seems that this wants to be according to the rumors actually real in development, configuring itself as a prequel to the entire saga.

The novelty would lie in the central role of the player, who would be called to impersonate the events of the well-known princess Characteristic, thus transcending the role of the witcher Geralt that we have come to appreciate. Although it may certainly be a joke dedicated to the special day of this month, it is good to consider that the news has gained some notoriety in the past few hours, and could therefore end up being valid, but in the end we just have to wait further official information on The Witcher 4 from the software house.

Waiting for new ideas, which we will bring to you in real time on our pages, we refer you to our review of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition for Nintendo Switch, a porting aimed at the hybrid console.


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