The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Review

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Well, many have been said about this title over the last two years: there are those who have been convinced by the marketing, those who will buy it anyway because they are aware of the goodness of the product having tried, finished or exhausted the other two. There are also those who will buy the game for fashion: just to say "yes I'm playing!". Now let me hope that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt hasn't let me spend the last two years hoping only to turn out to be an emeritus, colossal rip-off. Let's find out!

History… Without Spoilers!

The events of the story may be difficult to narrate - it depends on the choices you have or haven't made in The Witcher 2! Now you are wondering: "but how do we make such choices if we have played the game in the previous generation of consoles?" Well, rest assured: thanks to a narrative device, based on artfully asked questions, you can make your choices and thus customize your story and your Strigo. Basically the story focuses on the research by Geralt Di Rivia of the now not so little Ciri: in the game tutorial we could discover her attachment and see a glimpse of what already promises to be a rich and profound plot. I say no more: go turn on the console and find out!

Geralt To Arms!

Obviously, as in all self-respecting RPGs, there will be no lack of clashes in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The combat system in general has not changed much from the previous chapters: the winning team does not change, it will be for this reason that the fight has that slightly dated aftertaste, which refers to a few years ago. If you were expecting a style to the Shadow of Mordor you have the wrong game: the title mixes a little different fighting styles, making everything very smooth. We could choose how to best equip our hero, whether with light, medium or heavy armor and based on this we start thinking about a strategy. Strategy that will prove to be fundamental because based on how we build our Geralt our statistics will change: wearing a medium armor will increase the damage of the spells (called Signs in the jargon of the game), vice versa a heavy armor will enhance our vitality and the power of our heavy hits. In the game it is possible to do everything: we will be able to forge weapons, armor, enhance their effects, enchant them and so on and so forth. Let's say, therefore, that the equipment is a sort of hidden character, who lives a life of his own and that must be taken care of as much as the skills of the sorcerer themselves: under penalty of failure of the whole mission! The combat will therefore be faced on the basis of our armor, weapons and spells that will define our style: even the spells can be enhanced and improved but not only that, we could also link them to "traits" special objects that once connected to a certain type of skills or spells will enhance the effects disproportionately. Last but not least, thanks to alchemy we will be able to take advantage of the most disparate ointments, potions and bombs! All this favors a truly excellent longevity and replayability for the title: at every turn our character can be different from the previous one!

An Immense World All For Me!

One of the elements that certainly characterized the advertising campaign of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt it is undoubtedly the size of the ground that can be walked on: well let me say that this time the developers of CD Projekt RED have hit the mark! Yes, the map is really big but you never feel lost: the beauty is to explore! Yes, because we could climb mountains, explore muddy swamps, find ourselves in mysterious caves and even enter the deepest lakes and seas: all with the certainty and awareness of a lavish reward, because treasures such as weapons, coins and treasures are well hidden in the title. components for alchemy; you really want to go for a ride and take that or the other road. On the other hand, there is the quick trip for the lazy: we could go from one crossroads to another waiting a few seconds to load. We can go on foot or on horseback and always choose the direction we prefer: for example, do you want to enjoy the view? Well: press the walk button (the X on PlayStation 4) and the horse will proceed at medium speed on the road indicated without ever losing the compass!

Words, Words, Words: Only Words Between Us!

Like any good RPG, we will have hours and hours of dialogue in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, from the simplest to the most complex: in fact we will meet a great variety of subjects, from the populace to the emperor and each time it will be up to us to choose the dialogue that is most congenial to our character or to the moment. In some dialogues we will also be forced to choose the answer quickly: in fact, a 15-second timer will trigger that will put pressure on us to choose the answer immediately, under penalty of random choice by the computer! Some dialogues can be piloted thanks to the persuasion ability of our hero, others will lead instead to clashes if people see you manipulating the mind of others.

Graphics: A Sore Note!

Yes, even here we are talking about graphics, numbers and mathematics! If you are not one of those who care about the purely aesthetic aspect, skip the paragraph, if vice versa you are the ones who refer well to mathematics: here you are. The title runs at basic 1080p and 60fps on Sony PlayStation 4: it suffers massive drops in frame rate when the action switches from a movie to a fight which is a bit annoying. On some occasions the audio did not reveal itself in sync and I saw the beheading of a man 5 seconds before the audio started. Furthermore, what is really a sore point is the graphical downgrade that by now, yes, we should be used to it but let's face it: it bothers us a lot! I must say that the glance it provides is truly breathtaking at times: the warmth of the setting sun seems palpable, the lights and the wind make everything very realistic. The flaws can be seen in the texture of the ground which unfortunately are much lower than the tufts of grass that sprout here and there, as a result, the grass seems to pop up at random as if someone had stuck it to us with spit; Geralt's textures are sometimes so well cared for that they make backdrops, secondary characters and sets really ugly compared to him: the result is a strange effect, as if we were putting a real actor in a Disney movie. We could certainly do more, hopefully in an update perhaps with the DLC! On the other hand, the audio sector is good with music suitable for very realistic atmospheres and noises, especially if you go into the forests!

The hunt is open!

Ultimately, the title is great! Not free from errors and a few small bugs here and there, the title gets along well at least as regards the Sony PlayStation 4 version. From a technical point of view, the flaws can be a somewhat dated combat gameplay and a graphic sector that it could be cured a little more; from a broader point of view we can say that the game can make everyone agree, both the purists of the RPG, and the casual gamers more oriented towards naked and raw action. It is certainly the story of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt that is the master: a sublime direction and a wide freedom of choice, make this title a real pearl that will give over fifty hours of fun, not to mention the sixteen free DLCs that will add a few missions here and there, so as not to get caught up in monotony. The title is definitely worth playing and worth the purchase price!

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