The Witcher 3: Steam Player Record

The success of the TV series produced by Netflix di The Witcher has generated as a result, as we have talked to you in more detail in this article, a second life of the latest work created by the guys from CD Projekt RED. The third chapter of the saga, in fact, although it enjoyed a very high popularity when it came out in 2015, is once again coming back to life thanks to the show.

The Witcher 3, in fact, has just recently set a new active player count record on Steam, then on PC, registering as many as 93 thousand players at the same time. The screen that we leave you at the end of the article published by Marcin Momot records the precise number equal to 93.835 players intent on playing on Steam. Numbers in themselves really important, but which are even more so given the release of the title 4 years ago. With a show that was almost unanimously appreciated and incredible discounts on the gaming platform, The Witcher 3 is back in vogue again for a large number of fans.

Not only the third chapter, however, is experiencing a second youth but also the first two episodes are no less. The first original title, in fact, recorded a new record by establishing 12 thousand players intent on starting the adventures of the Strigo, while the second chapter did not score "just" 6 thousand.

A truly deserved success for the saga and the guys from CD Projekt RED who have always put body and soul into each of their works.

New player record for @witchergame on @Steam, over 4 years after the release! ❤️

- Marcin Momot (@ Marcin360) December 29, 2019

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