The Witcher 3: A Night to Remember mod continues the Blood and Wine DLC

The epic of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt does not seem to want to end, indeed, the title, huge in its own right and become even more majestic as a result of the various updates, DLCs and additional content, has always been "influenced" by the various MODE (at least for the PC market). Thanks to them, the adventures of Geralt of Rivia does not seem to want to end, and in these days the acclaimed title of CD Projekt RED will receive a new and important against which will improve and expand the game storyline, let's talk about A Night to Remember.

Made by the talented community of mods "nikich340", the adventures of the witcher will now be able to convey within this "episode", following the events of Blood & Wine, set in the region of Toussaint. Going into the details, the plot will be particularly focused on Orianna and on aspects of the narrative after the completion of the original DLC. Precisely for these reasons, the mod community has specified to future users that they have the official DLC, but in particular that they have completed the mission. Blood Simple.

In order to play this mod, probably the others, just download the file from the page and then unzip it in a customized mod folder. Finally, we leave you to the following trailer which shows some phases of combat, exploration, and a short gameplay video (you can find the video at the top of the article).

A Night to Remember is not the first nor the last in a series of mods that have invaded the game world of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. For years, mods have been running on the web that modify and alter the climatic conditions, the lighting of the game, and many other technical aspects. Not to mention the mods that, similarly to how it happens in A Night to Remember, adds more content to the adventure, such as the recent mod about the ax of Kratos' Leviathan, directly from God of War. We'll see when the comunity will stop supporting the title. We hope as late as possible.

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