The Witcher 2: Netflix shows the script of the second season

With a surprise move, Netflix has released through its social profiles the first pages of the script of the first episode area of second season of The Witcher 2, and unlike what you might think, being just the beginning, something is already happening that the most die-hard fans of the series have said they are "very worried". Geralt of Rivia it is in fact the protagonist from the first line of this new script. A night voiceover, during which our witcher will find himself in danger in the heart of a small mountain town.

Season 2. Page 1.

Where will #TheWitcher take us this season? #Witchmas

- Netflix Queue (@netflixqueue) December 22, 2020

The new script image for The Witcher 2 reveals a heartbreaking scene involving three new characters: Colin Coppercloth, his wife Kira and their daughter Meena (played by the newcomer Lesley Ewen). The Coppercloths are all new characters to the world of The Witcher, but this excerpt from the script reveals that two of them will leave the show as soon as they enter it. The script details the arrival of the Coppercloths in a desolate city with no apparent signs of life. While trying to find refuge in an inn, Kira and Colin are dragged into the night by a fast-moving monster, leaving Meena literally running across the hills. The script page also features a dialogue with Geralt's voiceover, but it's still unclear how his lines relate to the death of Meena's parents. Likewise, it's unclear how Meena will relate to the larger storyline of Season XNUMX, but that doesn't mean we should consider her out.

“I was supposed to die alone, right? So I would finally start to be afraid “. Everything stops here, leaving us with bated breath already from these first lines, which endanger the fate of our protagonist. We remind you that the second season of The Witcher should to land on Netflix in the course of 2021, at a date yet to be decided.

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The Witcher 2: released the first official image of Ciri ❯
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