The Walking Dead World Beyond - Preview, it's back among the zombies

As already mentioned in very recent news, the The Walking Dead it is finally about to renew itself after the blockade caused by the emergency Covid-19. With the finale of the tenth season arriving on October 4th and the eleventh in pre-production along with the three films dedicated to Rick Grimes, even the spin-off side has some news. In fact, the very next day will arrive The Walking Dead World Beyond, the second spin-off of the saga after Fear The Walking Dead, which has now been renewed for a sixth season. The upcoming new series, conceived in just two seasons, is always branded AMC, designed by Scott M. Gimple and is taken from the comic book world of R, but it has a decidedly different concept from everything else produced so far. In fact, it is set exactly ten years after the beginning of the epidemic, more or less simultaneously with the last seasons of the mother series (although this would be disproved by some theories that time the tenth season to eight years after the beginning of the epidemic. ).

A new perspective

The World Beyond, the world beyond, that's what it looks like: an exploration of the new post-apocalyptic world in an era where every group that survived the catastrophe represents an opportunity for rebirth. Each community is also the birth of a new world, which often does not communicate with all the other worlds that at the same time, somewhere, will be growing. There Colony Campus in fact, where the story begins, is a community of nearly ten thousand people who have built a new civilization made up of families, workers and students. The main feature that makes this point of view something new to the saga is the youth of the protagonists, which are actually the first generation that practically lived only during the apocalypse. The memories of the normal world, for them, are now almost erased and in life they have only lived in an emergency, fighting for survival every day.

They are gods unprepared protagonists to the outside world precisely because they do not know it. The zombie threat is certainly weaker than in the past; over the years they have been decimated, but humanity has been too. Many of the warriors who resisted lost their lives leaving their legacy to the young people who grew up in the communities. Some of them have never killed a zombie, but the time must come for everyone. The story follows the events of Hope, interpreted by Alexa Mansour, And Iris, interpreted by Aliyah Royale. They are friends and students, inhabitants of the community located in Nebraska. They lead a very normal life that can also be defined as comfortable. They have electricity, running water, listen to music and know the art. In the community they have motorized means of locomotion (now absent in the mother series) and so on. Everything is fine, but by The Walking Dead we have been too used to that mother concept that has followed us for years and years; the greatest threat in this new world is not the dead, but the living.

The Walking Dead World Beyond goes straight to the point

To tell the truth, the repetition of this concept in the plot could also have tired the viewers, but what elsewhere was slow to arrive, in The World Beyond instead is revealed immediately: the Civil Republic Military (CRM). Evanescent in the mother series, which is only hinted at via helicopters with the now famous logo with three intertwined circles, but present in Fear The Walking Dead and in the comic, presented as a militarized government community acting in mystery. It has an important weight in history at least as much as the community has Commonwealth, which we will meet shortly in the eleventh season of The Walking Dead. Elizabeth, representative of the Civil Republic, reaches Campus Colony with some soldiers and stays there. Hope and Iris suspect what his intentions really are, but everything seems to be going well in the colony. Life goes by quietly and there is also time to celebrate an important anniversary, but as we learn more about the backgrounds of the protagonists, they receive a message of help from their father, a scientist working on a potential vaccine for the epidemic. which is located at New York. Helped by Elton and Silas, two guys that we could briefly define as the nerds on duty, will thus embark on a journey into what for them represents the unknown, while Huck Felix, two of the most present secondary characters, seem to be following them.

In first episode previewed we were able to know the essential elements of the past and present of the protagonists, the characteristics of their community and the intentions of the CRM. In second, instead, the real journey begins and you get closer to the type of storytelling seen both in The Walking Dead and in the younger sister Fear, with all the slowness that distinguishes it. One immediately catches the eye renovation. The colors change, both in history and in photography, which at least partially abandons that great, too large, desire to dirty images with video noise. Let's talk about a spin-off that gives a little bit of freshness to the series, although it is still early to overbalance too much. The information at stake, the sub-plots that will have to unfold, are much more than they seem and at first sensation, comparing them with the other series, the two seasons planned for World Beyond would seem few.

Not just survival

It is always evident the will of the series to deal with themes that go beyond the apocalypse and survival, adding significant dramatic parts that deepen the psychological backgrounds of the protagonists. Much space is reserved for dialogues (some perhaps too long), but necessary to introduce the new characters. If nothing else, the acting is appreciable, at least at first glance, and the presence of is pleased Nicolas Cantu (Elton), young American actor and stand-up comedian, famous on Youtube like Junky Janker and popular voice of the character of Gumball from the fifth season of the series The extraordinary world of Gumball.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond is a series initially greeted with skepticism by many, which could have tired the format, but which reserves some positive surprises. It can be followed without having to be on par with the other works and appears as an absolutely independent work. Recall that the first season of ten episodes, lasting 45-50 minutes each, will be available on Amazon Prime Video from the next 5 October.

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