The Walking Dead: will season 10 reveal the past of Daryl's dog?

The six new extra episodes of The Walking Dead 10, which may reveal the background of the trusted companion canine of Daryl, first seen in the ninth season of the series. After the disappearance of Rick, the character played by Norman Reedus went to live in the woods with the dog Dog, away from everything and everyone. In the new episode of the tenth season entitled Find Me, Daryl, Dog and Carol they will come across an old hut in which past memories will resurface.

In reality, the four-legged friend is called Seven, and joined the cast of The Walking Dead on their own on request by Reedus, who convinced the creator of the series Angela Kang to insert a new partner next to the character played by the actor. Here are his words:

I've always been Team Daryl and he should have a dog, the showrunner said during an interview for Entertainment Weekly. This thing has been around for a long time, and it never happened. And to be fair, any pet would have died pretty quickly during some of the previous seasons and certain events.

The author also revealed that Dog will have a real backstory, and it is likely that it will be told in one of the new additional episodes of The Walking Dead 10.

How can we show the state Daryl is in? And I thought it would be great that he had been out for a while after Rick's alleged death. Daryl hunts, walks around and does stuff, and it seemed like a dog was a good companion for him. Dog proves that Norman's character still wants to hear someone around. That dog will be his faithful companion and in my mind there is already a story about his origins and how he ended up with Daryl.

Daryl's best friend, Dog, returns with new episodes of #TWD on February 28th.

- The Walking Dead on AMC (@WalkingDead_AMC) January 22, 2021

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