The Walking Dead: the zombie machine is about to be restarted!

Fans of The Walking Dead have been waiting for many months to know what will become of the future of the series, whose production has been blocked due to the global emergency COVID-19. Finally AMC Networks announced what plans will be to reboot the most famous zombie show ever. Production of the second part of season six of the spin-off will resume at the end of August Fear The Walking Dead, while in October it will touch the eleventh season of the parent series The Walking Dead, with a full five months delay compared to the normal schedule used for the past ten years.

In the meantime, many other things are moving. The episodes of the second part of season 10 dubbed in Spanish have recently been broadcast (during the lockdown period they were broadcast in the original version), but we will have to wait for Sunday 4 October to see the "provisional" ending, episode 10 × 16, which did not air in April as post-production was not finished. To it will then be added another six episodes written from scratch in these months, which will see the light in January 2021 and which will therefore bring the tenth season to have 22 total episodes, making it the longest of the series.

We are very focused on getting everything back in the safest way possible. We will continue to monitor and adapt according to the circumstances of each location.

This was stated by the CEO Josh Sapan during a conference call a few days ago, showing all the attention that the production has had towards the Covid emergency, also on the occasion of the release of the trailer for the first half of the sixth season of Fear The Walking Dead, which has already been produced, and that starting from 11 October will inaugurate the new troubled season of the AMC series. The material we will be able to enjoy is a lot and we are ready to update you on any news.

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