The Walking Dead: The Final Season - Episode 2 Review

The publication of this second episode of The Walking Dead: The Final Season was somewhat troubled and took place in a difficult period to say the least Telltale Games. In recent times, the rumors that spoke of a possible bankruptcy of the company following numerous layoffs, and, in these days, these have unfortunately proved to be founded. The exit of a major investor gave the already dilapidated studio the final blow, leaving only a small group of developers to work to fulfill the company's obligations to the board and its partners. Specifically, it seems that the only project still in development is precisely Minecraft: Story Mode to Netflix. Unfortunately, the production of the previously announced game dedicated to was not yet part of the signed agreement Stranger Things. 

Among the announced titles, we will especially miss the highly anticipated second season of The Wolf Among Us and it goes without saying that (at least for now) it also works on The Walking Dead they stop during construction. The leaders are trying in every way to finance the success of these last two episodes, but waiting for a final verdict we talk about what could turn out to be the incomplete conclusion of one of the most successful sagas of Telltale.

Following the tragic events that took place towards the end of the last issue, our protagonists will be removed from the community permanently. Unfortunately for us, once we leave the dormitory we will find ourselves back in the clutches of Abel. The criminal, in the company of an old acquaintance of ours dating back to the early days of the infection, will order us to follow him to settle inside their camp. Thanks to the help of James and his walkers, the pair of survivors will learn the true intentions behind the actions of the two and will be able to go back to the group of students to prevent them from being kidnapped in order to recruit them for a war between marauding factions. Once convinced of the imminent danger C e Aj they will do everything to redeem themselves and defend their new home from this inescapable threat.

The story told in this last episode is characterized by more mature themes and by the rawness of many scenes present within it. We will be pleased to note that the inevitable dialogue parts will alternate with more interactive scenarios and action scenes. In fact, in many situations, we will find ourselves having to free ourselves from the wanderers without being surrounded and killing them with a bow or knife, leaving much more space for our aiming and evasion skills. On several occasions we will find ourselves discovering in more detail the personalities of our companions, putting ourselves in the position of having to choose who to deepen our knowledge or, even, who to undertake a romantic journey. All this leaves the player with a freedom of choice never seen before, even if many new or secondary characters are not explored enough. Probably the choice not to burn everything immediately is due to the fact that in theory there would be two other parts in which to deepen the knowledge of all. Also because the open ending puts us back in front of a fundamental choice with unknown outcomes without an adequate continuation. We sincerely hope that justice will be done to the saga and that the missing episodes will be released as promised to conclude once and for all. The Walking Dead: The Final Season. 

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