The Walking Dead: The Final Season - Episode 1 Review

The graphic adventure of The Walking Dead released by Telltale Games a few years ago, it completely upset the current videogame landscape, doing justice to the genre and bringing the studio to the fore over the last few years. Since then there have been several productions inspired by other famous comic and non-comic franchises, but the one set in the post apocalyptic universe conceived by R it has always been considered the flagship. Arrived at the fourth season for the successful series, the developers have decided that this will conclude their work. The previous release had tried to innovate a product that was now almost stale thanks to the inclusion of a new protagonist for the events, but it did not have too positive a response with the public. This time, however, we will return to play the role of one who is no longer so small and innocent Clementine. The young survivor will find herself taking care of little AJ as Lee did at the time with her. Hoping that this return to origins will benefit the saga, we just have to enjoy this new and unprecedented adventure.

Several months have passed from the events to the New Frontier we will find a couple of protagonists much more mature and formed by experience. Moving continuously through the streets of the town, the two have managed to survive until now, but an unforeseen event forces them to rely on a local community. The group led by Marlon it is made up entirely of orphans and has managed to establish a system that has allowed the collective to prosper. Both will try their best to integrate into it, but not without some difficulties. During this journey, in fact, the new mentor of the child will have to continually decide how to behave with him to educate him in the best possible way. Since our behavior will have a heavy impact on his, this will cause us to lose ourselves in much broader and more incisive moral dilemmas than we have been used to until now. The story written by Jessica Krause e Adam Esquenazi Douglas it is perfectly structured throughout the episode, with always interesting twists and situations.

Although this has to be the last video game to use Telltale Tool as a graphics engine (due to its obsolescence) we must admit that the graphic design however, it has been implemented and is much more fluid in this context. There colonna sonora it strongly contributes to a complete immersion, creating the right tension when needed and making everything more suggestive. Overall, this episode perfectly recreates the atmosphere of the first chapter, putting us in front of an impeccable final result and very similar to the glories of the past.

Preordering The Walking Dead: The Final Season you will have access to all nineteen of the previous episodes, thus making it possible for anyone who has never had the opportunity to play these modern classics to recover them and also enjoy this final tale.

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