The Walking Dead: Season 10 will return on February 28

It is still time to talk about The Walking Dead, the beloved zombie series followed around the world produced by AMC which, like all major serial and cinematographic productions, has experienced many difficulties during the current year. The second part of the tenth season it was airing right at the dawn of the world emergency Coronavirus, when production had to interrupt the assembly of the finale, which arrived six months later than expected. In the meantime, many news have come directly from the set of the series, then in stand-by and now in full operation. While it was in fact confirmed theeleventh season as the last and one was announced spin off based on the characters of Daryl Carol; as he went out The Walking Dead: World Beyond and the public was a bit disappointed with the 10 × 16 episode, which arrived in October, we learned that others six episodes will be released and will actually be the continuation of the tenth season, which will officially end with the episode 10 × 22.

After several weeks of silence about it, finally the profile Twitter official of the series has announced that the episodes, of which filming has begun, will see the light next February 28, 2021. The tweet shows a video-preview with a virtual live reading of the script (with the full version available on Youtube) of the first of the new episodes, apparently entitled One more. Are present Robert Patrick, Josh McDermitt, Seth Gilliam e Ross Marquand. We know that the new mini-strand of episodes will surely narrate some past events, as it will be present Lucille, the wife of Negan and have already been assured there are details about the character's return Maggie.

"There's still goodness in this world, you just have to look for it…"
Don't miss the return of #TWD on February 28th.

Watch the full clip here:

- The Walking Dead on AMC (@WalkingDead_AMC) November 19, 2020

Season 10 has for now closed the great narrative chapter focused on the fearsome Whisperers (the original whisperers) covering comic book numbers 145 to 173, while we will probably see the last scenario of the series presented, that of the community of Commonwealth directly in the eleventh season.

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The Walking Dead: the zombie machine is about to be restarted! ❯
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