The Walking Dead Season 10 Extra Episodes Revealed

La 10 season of the horror TV series AMC, The Walking Dead, it did not end in the way the producers had imagined it. The pandemic has indeed discontinued production before the end of filming for the final season, which aired in April last year without the final episode. This episode was finally finished last October and the season will now be completed with six more episodes starting from the next 28 February, as announced through the official Twitter profile of the series.

The tweet, reported at the bottom of the news, was also the way chosen to show the world a teaser trailer lasting 30 seconds which anticipates (in a very short part) the events that will be narrated in the next episodes, which will decree the end of the historic TV series, launched in 2010, conceived by Frank Darabont with Subject by Robert Kirkman. Last September showrunner Angela Kang explained that the six new episodes would focus on separate characters, allowing the production to continue filming while respecting, as far as possible, the security measures linked to the risk of contagion from COVID-19. Angela, recently interviewed by Comic Book, said:

There is a kind of anthological atmosphere in them. It will be a deep dive into our characters, which I hope people like. We enjoyed working on something that is a bit different from what we were doing in the main part of Season 11. We just need to introduce different people and tell these little stories that add up to an image of what our survivors are going through, and that will ultimately lead us to season XNUMX.

Before leaving you to the teaser trailer we remind you that no later than two weeks ago the film was confirmed of The Walking Dead starring Rick Grimes, obviously played by Andrew Lincoln. Last September it was finally confirmed that Season 11 will be the final one for The Walking Dead.

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