The Walking Dead comes to the end credits

Everything, sooner or later, comes to an end. Today the bitter fate has touched the comic of The Walking Dead, which with its number 193 out this week in United States, will put the point to the work created by the American cartoonist R fifteen years ago.

His work, born out of mere passion like all things, over the years has seen the fan base grow dramatically around the universe dotted with zombies and survivors. If at the beginning The Walking Dead was just a comic, today we can define it as a real cross-media phenomenon; from the numerous video games to the acclaimed TV series now in its ninth season, from spin-offs like Fear The Walking Dead to the millions of gadgets and merchandise distributed around the world, show how much good has been done in all these years.

The publishing house gave the sad news SaldaPress which publishes the Robert Kirkman comic. In the beautiful country instead the opera it will continue until December with volume 32 which will mark the final chapter. The editorial director Andrea G. Ciccarelli wanted to release a statement regarding the conclusion of the comic:

“Although Skybound gave us the chance to preview # 193 of The Walking Dead, the words 'THE END' at the end of the book still left me speechless. As I imagine is happening to those who, in these hours, read the register in the USA. The first thought was that it's a perfect ending that comes at the end of a beautiful, beautiful story, full of unforgettable characters. And that concludes a comic novel that lasted 16 years, a very long period of time in which The Walking Dead was able to change the lives of many people around the world in so many ways. And it's nice to think that all of this was made possible by a story. So the main feeling I have now is that of gratitude - as a reader and as an editor - to Robert Kirkman who created and wrote this story. And to all those who, over the years, have worked on it to bring it to readers monthly. Among these, first of all, obviously Charlie Adlard and Tony Moore who designed it, together with Cliff Rathburn Stefano Gaudiano and Dave Stewart who added shades of gray, inks and colors. And, in general, towards Skybound, one of our main publishing partners who since 2010 has never stopped entrusting us with great stories to publish here in Spain. And as the ending of The Walking Dead also says - rest assured, no spoilers - the stories are the center of it all. And, in this, Robert and the Skybound team remain unbeatable ”.

Not all evil comes to harm, in fact, Saldapress will re-propose The Walking Dead in one new version of eight volumes of over 500 pages each to give way again to read the masterpiece created by Robert Kirkman.

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