The Walking Dead: a new project with Clementine coming?

In the past few hours, the long-awaited Skybound panel was held at NYCC 2020 in which many innovations have been announced, including one in particular that directly concerns the videogame field, unlike the other announcements related to comics or the world of popcorn. R couldn't say much about the much-loved character from the series The Walking Dead targata Skybound e Telltale Games, however, she recently teased fans by proposing a possible new future for her, leaving behind a flood of confused people.

“Maybe there is something in the pipeline with C. We just have to see ”, these were the short, concise, direct and very confused words of the well-known American cartoonist. In saying this, Kirkman was also joined by senior vice president Shawn Kirkham, who accompanied him throughout the event to celebrate Skybound's tenth anniversary with some teasers on the news and the future of the entertainment company. The open doors and the questions posed by the community are now many: who knows what the man was referring to?

It could be a big revelation, as it could mean nothing: he himself added the "maybe" at the beginning of the phase. However, it is inevitable to think about the possible arrival of a possible new game in the franchise, which in any case would not be rejected by anyone, especially as regards the nostalgics who would like to see the much loved character return to the screens! Having said that, the two dived into a series of big announcements, including new comics The Walking Dead Deluxe e Fire power. Staying on the subject, you might also be interested in our accurate preview of The Walking Dead World Beyond.

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The Walking Dead: Season 10 will return on February 28 ❯
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