The Walking Dead: A New Frontier - Episode 2 - Review

We pick up where we left off, with this new review that we have decided to disclose separately from the previous one to give greater importance to the individual story of this second chapter of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. In fact, we specify that Telltale Games has extraordinarily decided to release the first two episodes of the title simultaneously this time. Ties That Bind Part I & II to all intents and purposes mark a introduction prologue long enough for this third season that definitely still has a lot to tell. So much so that it cannot contain everything in one episode just for example!

This second introductory part it picks up where we left off (quite abruptly) leaving us, at least for now, to enjoy a worthy continuation of our adventure. Of course, as in all similar games we've been used to so far, the choices made in the previous episode will echo also in the latter. After having elaborated the tragic and unexpected mourning that hit our protagonist, we will begin to discover more and more things about the current world in which we will take part.

Similarly to the comic to which it is inspired, we will discover that even in this game there will be antagonists, and that they will call themselves "The New Frontier" thus giving an explanation at least to the title adopted in this third season. Furthermore, as already happened in the debut title of the series, we will have the pleasure of meeting one of the characters taken from the first work. The character in question that we are going to meet in the course of our adventure this time seems to be right Paul Monroe, shady hermit who, like us, will be directed to the colony of Hilltop.

Moving forward with the story we will learn more and more about Clementine's past; or the true and only unknown still to be revealed and which is wisely dispensed as you progress in the game. Paradoxically, these brief glimpses of the past will keep our interest alive, as for now the plot will be of a high level but also something already seen unfortunately. Now after being used for years to zombie survival stories it is difficult to propose something new and not to fall into the banal. With this narrative technique we are induced to continue our adventure led by a sense of curiosity who will not see (for now) any explanation.

These pieces of life set in the past they will leave us more and more unanswered questions, but that sooner or later we are sure they will find some, as punctually they reconnect with the present time. We are certainly taking steps forward compared to the shy start that we have seen previously. Many things will be taken up and deepened better, thus satisfying the curiosities and perplexities initially encountered in the course of the story.

The plot thickens more and more and we get to see a lot more movement and involvement in this case. The choices will become more difficult and the situations more chaotic as never for our protagonists.

From this point of view we must admit that despite the initial effort to engage, interest in this episode rises in growing up to the systematic narrative expedient of the end of the episode that will punctually leave us on our toes until the next one comes out, unfortunately we still don't know anything about it. Surely the episode in question remains in line with the previous one, if not even it proves even more interesting narratively speaking, making us optimistic about the next upcoming episode.

Modus Operandi: the review you just read was written based on the version PlayStation 4 of the game, after completing the entire episode 2 experience.

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