The Walking Dead 11: new updates on the casting of the series

As we all know, due to the emergency Covid, much of the worldwide film and serial industry is at a standstill. Many productions are suspended and even the tenth season of The Walking Dead was blocked due to the inability to mount the final episode due to the lockdown. In the previous months there have been only a series of hypotheses on the future of the series, directly from the creators' social networks Frank Darabont R and the show-runner Angela Kang. The release date of the sixteenth and final episode of the tenth season is still not certain. The latest rumors gave for sure the launch for the end of July, but the lack of new updates and official confirmations already suggests a delay. While in Spain they were dubbed in Spanish and sent back to air on Fox the episodes of the second part of the tenth season, from the United States the production has ensured a restart. In fact, the writing of the first film of the trilogy dedicated to the history of Rick Grimes after the abandonment of the parent series in the ninth season and the pre-production of theeleventh season.

Many fans were in fact frightened of the moment of "relaxation" that was perceived by the AMC, but finally something is moving. Apparently, in fact, the actress has just joined the cast of The Walking Dead Margot Bingham. The production did not specify the role that was entrusted to it, but it is easy to guess. The actress herself has in fact lent her voice to the character of Stephanie in the tenth season, namely the woman he spoke on the radio with Eugene. It would therefore be the first casting of a character linked to what for the comic would be the last scenario of the series: The Commonwealth, the community that gathers more than fifty thousand survivors of the zombie apocalypse. Other rumors speak of a further time jump, probably very long, in the next season and also the desire on the part of the production not to end the series as the comic ended. Still no news regarding the start of filming, but the certainty that in October we won't see a new season yet.

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