The Walking Dead 10: AMC unveils the official trailer for the six extra episodes

In the previous hours AMC did what he promised: the trailer showing some clips of the next ones six bonus episodes, which they will complete the original storyline di The Walking dead 10. In the presentation video, which you can view at the bottom of the article, they were shown interesting ideas and insights about the background of some characters, as about the past of Negan and the role of Maggie, who will yearn for revenge against the character played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Certainly very interesting previews those shown in the trailer released by AMC, and which articulate the plot of The Walking Dead 10 with a more substantial and precise script regarding the relationships between the various protagonists. The new episodes will be broadcast on Fox - channel 112 of Sky - from March 1. Below we shared the official synopsis of the extra points that will add to the main plot line of the series:

In these six new episodes, we find our survivors trying to recover from the destruction the Whisperers have left in their wake. As they question the state of humanity, their community and their own mind, will they find the inner strength not to lose their lives, friendships and the group? Between past traumas and thirst for revenge, how will the journey end?

Robert Patrick, as we know, he joined the cast of the series Frank Darabont. The actor - known for playing the T-1000 in the saga of Terminator - will play the role of Mays, an unreleased character of the six additional episodes, or a rough and shabby-looking survivor, who will meet father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) e Aaron (Ross Marquand) in the episode called One More. In addition, it is added among the new entries Hilarie Burton Morgan who will play the role of Lucille, or Negan's wife. Infinte, to interpret the masked man named Elijah Sara Okea Eme-Akwari.

The full trailer for #TheWalkingDead Season 10c- coming February 28th, 2021!

- The Walking Dead (@TheWalkingDead) January 21, 2021

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