The Umbrella Academy: Netflix releases the first minutes of the second season

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As all fans of the series will know by now, the second season of The Umbrella Academy. Where were we? The six had tried in every way to stop the apocalypse caused by Vanya, unable to control his powers. After trying them all, the huge explosion caused the destruction of the Moon, and the consequent fall of a meteorite on earth. After realizing the situation, by mutual agreement they decided to return back in time to avoid all this. Thanks to the powers of Five, the boys manage to go back a few years, but things are not going as planned. Netflix has decided to publish the first few minutes of the second season, to create some suspense in the viewers.

Here is the first scene of the long-awaited second part of The Umbrella Academy. At the beginning of the movie we see Five appear in an alley. Shortly after he realizes that he is not in the right years. The city is in full destruction, between bombs and gunshots. The exciting thing is that finally let's see i Seven (that's right, too Ben join this battle) fight together. Vanya deals with repelling bombs and making them to blow up. Klaus thanks to its powers it creates a ghost army ready to fight alongside him. Ben (present thanks to his brother's powers) uses his own tentacles to kill soldiers. Luther fights with the whole force that he has in his body. Allison manages to do to blow up head to the soldiers while Diego dodge bullets and throw his loved ones knives killing the enemy armies.

Just before thousands of bombs hit the ground, Five is taken away from Hazel. So here we are in front of the introduction of this new season. Our beloved heroes will be able to save the earth from another apocalypse? We just have to find out. The Umbrella Academy 2 will come out on Netflix il July 31 2020.

In the meantime, for the more curious, we advise you to read ours review. We, as usual, will not fail to keep you updated about all the news in the field of cinema and videogame.

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