The Suicide Squad: revealed the origins of the new title

According to what the director communicated James Gunn, the title of The suicide squad it started out as a joke. For the uninitiated, Gunn was hired to write the script for the latest attempt at the DC to bring Suicide Squad to the big screen in 2018, and not long afterwards in directing the film. Fans are largely enthusiastic about his performance, especially since, as we all know, the previous Suicide Squad directed by David Ayer it was not well received by critics and the public.

During the last question and answer session on Instagram by Gunn, have been revealed the origins of the title by The Suicide Squad. Some have wondered why his film was called that, given the similarity to the previous Suicide Squad from 2016. “I once jokingly proposed it and Warner and the producers loved it. There isn't much chance that it will change, but you never know. "

Beyond that, remember that Gunn's movie is not called Suicide Squad 2 also because it is not actually a true continuation of Ayer's film. As Gunn said, the cinecomic's name is unlikely to change, although we won't be quite sure until the promotional material begins to be released officially. The Suicide Squad is currently slated for August 2021, so it will probably take a while for new news to be released about it. Just to fill the wait: you have already seen Harley Quinn e Vigilant in the new videos from the set?

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