The Sinking City, Frogwares talks: "Nacon pirated it and put it on Steam"

There does not seem to be any signs of an end to the events concerning the - unfortunate - The Sinking City, title developed by Frogswares and published by nacon which has been at the center of many disputes since its debut. With the debut of the game between the two software houses, several disputes arose, which subsequently led to the removal of the product from all platforms. Recently, however, The Sinking City has a surprise back on Steam, creating further problems regarding the relationship between the two companies. Frogwares in fact shouted loudly not to buy the Steam version of the game, and then explained in detail on the blog the reasons: in fact, it seems that Nacon has pirated and modified the game to make a profit.

As explained in detail in the article in question, complete with screenshots and visual evidence of what is explained, the publisher has removed all references from the software regarding the actual developer, publishing the deluxe version and adding your logo where necessary. The game is actually functional and playable, but this allegation of piracy - according to what was reported - will now trigger a lawsuit, with the accusation of Nacon's misappropriation of The Sinking City's intellectual property, also considering that the developer claims that he has not received any income from the game's return to the market.

For the moment, however, these are only allegations, which - despite the fairly clear evidence - they will have to be tried by a specialized court before they can be confirmed and formalized. We therefore look forward to further updates for the story, which we will obviously bring you back to our pages, hoping that the work will soon find peace and be normally appreciated by those who want to get involved. Before leaving you, in case you are curious to find out more details about The Sinking City, we refer you to our review of the game.

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