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A lot of water has passed under the bridge since the release of The Sims FreePlay, the experiment that Electronic Arts had wanted to do to measure the market of freemium productions on mobile, focusing for the occasion on one of its strongest franchises for eyes of casual users. An experience from which the American giant has learned a lot, as evidenced by the publication of The Sims Mobile, which arrives on iOS and Android devices after a long period in soft launch, used by the authors to better adjust all the mechanics, especially those relating to progression, and arrive in the best possible conditions for the appointment with the official launch.

An operation that can certainly be said to be successful, given that right from the start, the game seems to know exactly where to go, allowing us to create a character and tidy up his new apartment using furniture, materials and accessories that must be unlocked gradually, experimenting with the various activities available and completing them successfully. Mechanisms, the latter, linked to the tradition of freemium realities: once we have assigned a task to our avatar, we can choose whether to wait for it to be completed or switch to the "manual system", manage all the interactions directly but thus spend a certain amount of energy. Does this mean that at some point we will have to stop and wait? Yes, even if we will have at least one other character to use while the first, let's say, takes a nap.

A lot of stuff

If The Sims Mobile's touch control system doesn't always impress with its accuracy, especially when interacting with objects close to each other (but pinch-to-zoom magnification comes in handy), in terms of numbers, the new mobile production of Electronic Arts boasts a very large catalog, even exaggerated where you are still in the early stages of the game. Of course, we will not be able to obtain many of the objects unless we put our hand to the wallet, at the end of the day, but nevertheless the variety and quality of the assets present is indisputable, contributing in an important way to always keeping the interest alive. Interactions are also good: once we have approached an NPC, we will be able to choose what kind of relationship we want to establish and engage in different activities depending on what we have decided, thus giving a precise direction to our virtual life.

Of course, we are still talking about a casual game and this means that the gameplay is limited to a few touches, to a set of contextual menus and the inevitable collection of points, bonuses and money released at the end of each activity, but it is a trend that boasts many admirers and The Sims Mobile aims without any uncertainty to conquer them. Therefore, in addition to friendship or love relationships, the growing work activity, the management of the house and the exploration of the scenarios, the EA title can boast an excellent technical realization, with polygonal models perhaps not irresistible but with a discreet set of animations, lively and well defined. The whole environment is handled smoothly, allowing you to zoom, rotate and drag the view without any uncertainty in the frame rate, while some funny sound effects accompany the action.


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The Sims Mobile undoubtedly aims to intercept a particularly large audience, that of casual productions, who know the Electronic Arts brand well and enjoy spending some of their time managing a virtual life, choosing a set of furniture for the kitchen or bedroom, interact with other characters, complete a series of missions and so on. Clearly we are not talking about a complex or multifaceted product: the experience is very simple and immediate, we are asked to carry out a sequence of touches and reap the fruits of our "efforts", as in all casual games of this type, so who he is looking for a proper simulation he would do well to turn elsewhere. However, if the world of Sims intrigues you and you've been waiting for the return of this franchise on iOS and Android, the download of the EA title is a must.


  • Many characters, many objects, many situations
  • Graphically very nice and fluid
  • Simple and immediate ...
  • ... but without treble
  • Some uncertainty in touch controls
  • The freemium approach stands out
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