The Sims Medieval - Cheat codes for the console on PC

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The Sims Medieval - Cheat codes for the console on PC

A few codes to use in the game

Obviously also The Sims Medieval has its very healthy dose of cheat codes that you can use during the game.

As always, first of all it is necessary open the command console during the game by pressing the key combination CTRL + SHIFT + C. Then enter one of the codes contained in the following lists to obtain its effect.

Motherlode adds 50.000 Simoles
Kaching adds 1000 Simoles to the active family
mapTags on
activates all icons on the map
mapTags off turn off all icons on the map
fadeObjects on the objects disappear when the view is closer
fadeObjects off disable the previous trick
RerollQuests randomize available quests (making them all available)
fullscreen on / off enable / disable full screen mode
hideheadlineeffects on toggle the new Sims' thoughts tabs on / off

Other tricks are available by following this procedure.

To enable these other tricks you need to apply a small change to the file Commands.ini
This file can be found in the following path:
ProgrammiElectronic ArtsThe Sims MedievalGameDataSharedNonPackegedIni

Now edit the Commands.ini file by opening it with notepad (or wordpad) and replace
with TestingCheatsEnabled=1

Save the file and remove the read-only attribute (right click on the file, then properties and uncheck "Read Only") 

Now you can also use these tricks:

setmood #
substitute a value between -100 and 200 for # to change the concentration of the Sim
ShowAllQuests view available missions
ShowAllValidQuests visualize the missions that you will be able to face taking into account your level
DisableRespos disable responsibilities
EnableRespos activate responsibilities
setKingdomPoints # substitute # the value of the kingdom points you want to set
setQP # substitute # the value of the mission points you want to set
videoMakerModeEnabled true activate video mode
videoMakerModeEnabled false disable video mode
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