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In addition to the more canonical parameters, our intrepid soldiers will be able to acquire “exceptional” skills in a hierarchical tree system

Once the adventure has begun, the first mission (in both sides) will see us alone to achieve the set goals. We will discover very soon that in reality it is only an interactive introduction: the real game begins immediately after we build our "party" that will face the various schemes provided and also the battles generated in a "random" way with which we will be able to advance level our characters. In addition to the more canonical parameters, our intrepid soldiers will be able to acquire “exceptional” skills in a hierarchical tree system, which can then be unlocked slowly as we progress.

Chain reaction

If we have already explored the RPG features of Silent Storm, now is the time to describe the turn-based strategic part. In reality, the game will become turn-based only in war situations while it will behave as a typical RTS as long as it is only a question of moving (however optional: those who want to be able to play it all in turns or change when they want at any time). Conflict management is definitely valid thanks to a very versatile interface with which we will have total control of our men. In addition to the good choice of highlighting the percentage of probability that we will have in hitting an enemy, the most surprising aspect of the game is the total interactivity of the environment that will react in a chained way to our actions. In addition to an excellent graphic representation and unprecedented physics, referring to the genre of belonging, this involves a careful study of the actions that we are going to perform, especially with regard to the side effects that we are going to activate. The Nival programmers have really done a painstaking work as the interaction will take place with an infinity of elements, thrilling fans while perhaps keeping newbies at a safe distance who might already be watching the title cautiously.

Chain reaction

However, an excellent gameplay if not free from defects. The most annoying is certainly the excessive slowness with which the CPU moves its soldiers: in the most intricate situations the waiting times will be decidedly long and with the consequent annoyance derived from being alone for too long the spectator. A more subjective demerit note is about an excessive similarity of levels and battles: although there are very different objectives to be accomplished, the heart of the action does not differ too much but perhaps in this genre it is not so easy to diversify further.

The Nival programmers have really done a painstaking work since the interaction with the environment will take place with an infinity of elements

So we come to the technical aspect of Silent Storm and here the Nival Boys deserve a standing ovation from me. The fully 3D graphics engine (so rotates and zooms just a click away when you want) as well as not being too heavy and running very smoothly even on a mid-range PC, manages to manage the interaction with the environment I have already told you about previously. It is a real spectacle to see the chain reactions that a bullet can have on a motorcycle or the throwing of a grenade on a can full of oil. Even the animations of the characters stand out positively and if all this were not enough, after killing your first 10 enemies, you will find that the way in which they will expire will not always be the same but will depend on both the weapon and the point where you have it. impressed ... simply sublime from the gaming point of view, of course.
Finally, an applause also to the detail with which the various constructions and natural elements were created (the blades of grass are almost at the level of a FPS ...) that constitute the background of our actions. The sound component of the Encore - Jowood production cannot be praised in the same way since it is no more than sufficient for both excessively anonymous musical tracks (even if their epicity and military character are very empathetic with nature itself. of the game) and for the not too inspired “interpretations” of the dialogues (in English but with subtitles in Spanish as well as the rest of all the texts) during the cut scenes.


Fans of turn-based strategy on PC have something to rejoice as they can finally get their hands on a great title. After the last disappointing performances of the X-Com series and the "inaction" of Jagged Alliance, Silent Storm represents an excellent combination of RPG and strategic elements, in the abused scenario of the Second World War (albeit with some "political and scientific" variations on the theme ). With a fully 3D graphics engine, rich in some rather refined features and capable of managing completely interactive environments, the Jowood - Nival production turns out to be an almost unique product and almost free from defects (the only non-venial one is excessive slowness of artificial intelligence to move) in the panorama of the most recent productions and absolutely unmissable for lovers of non-real time strategy. And after you've finished it, don't despair as the add-on with the fascinating title of Sentinels is already expected. Never again without shifts in your videogame life ...

  • Excellent graphics engine
  • Total interaction with the environment
  • Excellent combination of RPG and turn-based strategy
  • Artificial Intelligence much, too slow
  • A little repetitive
  • For enthusiasts only

I confess to you a little secret: if a few years ago someone had asked me for an opinion on the possible videogame revival of the Second World War, I would never, ever have answered in the affirmative. As they say in these cases, no one is perfect and in fact from Medal of Honor onwards there has been a flourishing of productions dedicated to the terrible conflict. And the trend seems far from declining as in the next few months Brothers in Arms, Call of Duty - United Offensive, Combat Elite, D-Day, Axis & Allies, Pacific Fighters, Midway and many more await us.

Silent Storm, Russian production of Nival (the same authors of Blitzkrieg, Etherlords and Rage of Mages), therefore tries to exploit the interest around this particular historical period but applied to a genre that certainly does not enjoy good health on PC. The game in fact refers to the trappings of turn-based strategists with many elements taken from RPGs. What is the right time for fans after the latest disappointing performances of the X-Com series and the "inaction" of Jagged Alliance? Anticipating the ending, fortunately the answer is positive ...

Once the installation has been carried out and after having appreciated a quick introduction in which it is perceived that the scenario is not exactly faithful to the real events with "political and scientific fiction" variations on the theme, I am ready to throw myself into the main game campaign. The first choice to make is whether to take the side of the Italian-German-Japanese axis or those of the allies (represented here by the USA, the USSR and Great Britain). In addition to two different campaigns, the choice will also affect the characteristics of our digital alter ego that we can choose from within the armies present in the two parts in the field. We will be able to "customize" many characteristics of our soldier, from sex to physical characteristics and, like any self-respecting RPG, skills and class (there are 6).

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