The secrets hidden in the Lords of the Fallen tutorial [PS4-Xbox One-PC]

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The secrets hidden in the Lords of the Fallen tutorial [PS4-Xbox One-PC]


The Lords of the Fallen tutorial area is full of little secrets that probably not everyone will discover. Follow our guide to not miss anything from the early stages of the game.

1) The chest behind the shelves
In the room which is accessed by going down the stairs (as soon as you go down the stairs there is a burning fireplace on the right), take out the two enemies and then search well to find two wooden shelves. Break them by hitting them with your weapon to reveal a secret passage. Roll to go through the small passage and find a nice chest just waiting to be opened.

2) The hidden portal
After defeating the Lord Warden in this area, go back to where you found the key. DO NOT go down the stairs, but continue forward until you notice something really strange near the candlestick. These are crystals that you should have already noticed, which turn into a portal after defeating the lord warden. Go through the portal to find yourself in an area with 3 chests containing random loot. Be careful whenever you notice these crystals throughout the game, after defeating the Lord Warden of the area you can return to retrieve the treasures they hide.

3) Shard of the Heroes
Also after defeating the Lord Warden from the tutorial, return to the ladder with the large statue. Go down the ladder until you reach the base of the statue, behind you will find a key. Go back to the area where the tutorial begins, then enter the secret passage hidden by the rags on one of the walls adjacent to the staircase (watch the video at minute 1:37 if you have difficulty). Here you can use the "Monastery North Wing Key" to find a "Shard of the Heroes".

4) The single sword
This secret is about the fight with the first boss. If you manage to defeat the first Warden without taking a single damage, you will get his unique Great Sword as a reward. Be careful, because parrying even a single shot will not be able to get this reward.

Here is a video showing all four of these secrets, hidden in the tutorial area. What awaits us in the rest of the game?

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